Thursday, October 13, 2016

The real perpetrators of yesterday’s terrorist plot: authorities and media..!

Australia is in shock after the arrest of 2 terrorist in Bankstown yesterday. Media and authorities are wasting time discussing details of little importance. Names, ages and motives of the perpetrators are of really little concern. The fundamental question that should be asked, especially if we want to prevent more plots and attacks, is: who radicalized them and who recruited them?

We now know that one of the teenagers was known to the authorities for his violent actions and extreme views. Why is no one asking the right questions? Where was he radicalised and by who? Who recruited him? Was he undergoing a de-radicalisation program and which one?

Once we know the answer to all these questions we can take the steps needed to stop the recruiting and brainwashing of others.

Two years of government funded de-radicalisation programs, costing tax payers millions of dollars, has achieved little or nothing. An evaluation on such programs is urgently needed.

I was the first to raise concerns over how the authorities’ were handling extremism. With such concerns in mind I helped draft a letter and collected many signatures from different anti-extremism experts and campaigners. We wanted to alert authorities they were on the wrong path in dealing with radicalisation and terrorist issues.

The letter explained how the authorities were consulting with the wrong people. We expressed our concerns about the de-radicalisation funding and how it would be spent on the wrong organisations.

The course taken by our authorities soon after, was both dangerous and disappointing.

Suddenly authorities and media started to promote extremist and terrorist sympathisers as the champions of de-radicalisation. They gave a voice to extremists like Shady Al Sulieman, Jamal Rifi, Keysar Trad and the so-called Australian Mufti.
These are the same people who actively participated in spreading extremism and radicalisation in Australia, through their active role in supporting terrorists in Syria.

We also tried to explain to the authorities and media that supporting terrorism in Syria would actually cause radicalisation and terrorism back home.

All real experts on the matter know too well that all radicalisation and terrorism in Australia is directly and indirectly inspired by the terrorism in Syria.

Not only our letter and various warnings were ignored, suddenly I became number one enemy. For this reason authorities refused to consult us and support our anti radical efforts. This is why Multicultural NSW refused to grant us even the small sum of $5,000 but continued to grant millions of dollars to the extremist organisations.

The media who consider persons such as Jamal Rifi and Keysar Trad to be champions of peace, should explain to us how they reached such conclusion.

The government also needs to explain their strange policy in engaging extremist and inviting them to Iftars and private consultations.

Multicultural NSW and the Attorney-General’s office, should issue a detailed media release outlining where the hundreds of millions of dollars of de-radicalisation programs were spent and what did they achieve.

Multicultural NSW needs to send us (Social Justice Network) a letter explaining the reason why our $5000 request for a grant was rejected.

Instead, Multicultural NSW granted $750,000 to an extreme organisation which often broadcasted lectures by number 1 Al-Qaeda terrorist Anwar Al Awlaki who was later killed by a US drone.

If our authorities and media don’t change their approach soon, I am afraid we will face difficult times. Next time we could have someone’s head roll in the street of Bankstown or Lakemba beheaded by another brainwashed teenager.

Multicultural NSW: when authorities encourage radicalisation!

After the first terrorist attack on Australian soil in December 2014, our authorities admitted we could be facing a problem of radicalisation and possible terrorism.

Journalists who in the past ignored such problems started contacting me and telling me that I was right in saying all along about our growing extremism in our suburbs. For the past 3 years I had voiced my concerns about the growing number of radicalised Muslims.

For the first time in many years, local politicians had started praising my work and my ideas. Even liberal politician Greg Laundy had asked me to visit him at his office to discuss such issues.

At the time, Social Justice Network was carrying out a de-radicalisation program called “Together We Live”. We were bringing together people from different backgrounds and religious beliefs to discuss the sectarian tensions arising in our suburbs. The meetings were held at people’s homes where we would discuss various issues over coffee.

Encouraged by the positive message from our authorities and media, we decided to take our project “Together We Live” to the next level.
State and federal government announced an increase in funding for de-radicalisation programs. The government allocated 8 million dollars.

Social Justice Network decided to apply for a sum of $25,000. This would allow us to increase our meetings taking minutes to document and publish recommendations. We were sure we would be granted the money since we are a well recognised organisation fighting against extremism and have experts on radicalisation.

Our application was rejected! We were shocked to receive a letter from Multicultural NSW rejecting our application on the grounds that we didn’t provide a financial statement.

A financial statement is required from organisations that have previously received public funding. Our organisation never received any public funding which meant we were not required to lodge a financial statement.

It appears that our rejection was merely a political one.

We were taken aback when we found out that Multicultural NSW granted 8 million dollars to organisations that some of them played a vital role in spreading radical Islam and to organisations who knew nothing about extremism.

A grant of $750,000 was given to the Lebanese Muslim Association. This organisation is known for holding radical Islamic ideology. This organisation was at the centre of many extreme “fatwas” including forbidding Muslims to wish Christians Merry Christmas and happy Easter.
The organisation allowed known extreme preachers to deliver extreme ceremonies in its mosque ( .

We applied again, this time only for $5000. Surely after finding out the list of all the extremist organisations that got hundreds of thousands in grants, our small amount would be approved.

This time Multicultural NSW didn’t reject our application. It just chose to ignore it in violation of procedures of official dealings.

On one hand we have our authorities publicly question the increased levels of radicalisation in Australia. On the other hand we have Multicultural NSW granting millions to the organisations guilty of spreading extremism.

Multicultural NSW participated in spreading extremism by granting millions of dollars to extreme organisations. One of the individuals arrested over a terror plot was going through a de-radicalisation program ( ), most likely administered by Multicultural NSW.

Do we stand a chance of defeating terrorism? I doubt it.

When an organisation like ours that has been fighting extremism for years is refused a $5,000 grant but at the same time extreme organisations are granted 8 million dollars, one needs to ask whose side the authorities are on.

More on authorities support for extremists on our Youtube channel ( or my blog:

Monday, October 10, 2016

Meeting Dr Ali Haidar: Gulf States offered me money to defect...!!!

Each time I visit Damascus, I make sure I meet with Dr Ali Haidar who is the minister for reconciliation. Dr Haidar is a very humble knowledgeable and open minded person. He is part of the current Syrian government representing the national opposition party, the Syrian Social National Party.

On Wednesday 21 September 2016 I had arranged a meeting with the minister in Damascus. The meeting was part of our 3rd International Peace Tour to Syria.

Our group arrived at the ministry’s offices around 1pm. We were welcomed by Dr Ali’s aid and taken into the meeting room. The minister arrived and shook hands with each participant giving everyone a very warm welcome. He apologised for being late explaining that in the current circumstances it was very difficult to plan the day.

We completely understood the situation as we witnessed in first person. Check points are everywhere around the city. This week alone, terrorist tried to attack Damascus from Jober. They only managed to advance a few meters but this was enough for a sniper to kill innocent residents who were in the vicinity of Abbasyeen square. One of the victims was a poor taxi driver who was shot dead and was still in his taxi. The snipers made it difficult for the authorities to retrieve his body and the damaged taxi.

After the warm welcome, the minister explained to us he didn’t want to deliver a possible boring speech and was happier to answer instead, any questions we had for him.

The first question went straight to the point: how can the opposition be part of the government.

Dr Ali:

“At the beginning of the crisis, we shared the views of the opposition and their demands towards the government. One of the main one was the fight against corruption, changes to ensure more democracy and transparency in the government. But then we noticed the crisis took a totally different path

In July 2011, the Syrian government declared it was open to any suggestions. A consultation summit was called to discuss the needed reforms. Our party advocated for other opposition groups to attend the summit and give the government the opportunity to show leadership and willingness to listen.

The majority of the opposition parties instead, called for a boycott of the summit. Our party was also contacted and asked not to participate.

The summit was convened and lead by the president’s former deputy, Faourq Al Sharaa. The government was eager to prove their willingness to listen and cooperate.”

It is at this point of the meeting that Dr Ali dropped a bomb-shell.

“Just before the summit, we were offered large sums of money by Qatar to boycott the summit and the reconciliation process. When I refused the offer of money, the threats came and my son was murdered.

The assassination of my son gave us an indication of the reality of the crisis.

It is at this stage that we decided the best solution to deal with the crisis was to form a government of National Unity. Only united we could deal with the crisis.

We were offered different portfolios in the new cabinet. I came up with the idea of creating a ministry for national reconciliation. The president agreed and invited me to become the minister”

Mark, one of our participants from Canada, asked the minister if the 2011 drought in Syria was behind one of the reasons for this crisis and the “uprising”.

Again, Dr Ali smiled and replied:

“There were a lot of premeditated reasons, but the drought wasn’t one of them.
I want to be clear. The current crisis would have happened even if we had a perfect government. The reason behind the current crisis is related to ensuring the security of Israel.

After Israel’s defeat in the Lebanon war in 2006 and Gaza in 2009 by both Lebanese and Palestinian resistance, Israel supporters thought the best chance to secure the state of Israel, would be to suffocate the resistance and their supporters. This is the reason of the crisis in Syria.”

Q.How are reconciliation efforts going?

Dr Ali:

“At the beginning we faced criticism from all sides. Opposition were accusing us of undermining their requests and government supporters were accusing us of betraying the state. But now both sides have accepted us.

There have been over 20,000 rebels who agreed to lay down their arms and end the rebellion. There even is a special battalion of ex-rebels who are currently fighting with the Syrian army against terrorists. Many of them were killed fighting against terrorists.

There are more than 50 areas under reconciliation agreements, including Darya recently.”

Q. What about the sanctions?

Dr Ali:

“Sanctions are a very painful issue. It is devastating the lives of ordinary Syrians.

As a minister, I am not directly affected by sanctions and I continue to work as normal. It is the ordinary Syrians who are directly hit by these inhumane and illegal sanctions.

Such sanctions have negatively affected our health and education system. We are short in many foods and medicines.

The sanctions were put in place to push the Syrian people into poverty and miserable conditions to encourage an uprise. This has failed and today more than ever the Syrian people are determined to stay united.”

The meeting ended.

In conclusion, to understand the current crisis and how it reached this level, we need to ask a vital question. What was Qatar’s role in the Syrian crisis?

Why did Qatar offer millions of dollars to opposition parties to make them refuse to talk with the government?

Many of the opposition, who refused such offer, ended up dead.

I am sure that the Australian media will not pick up this story as it does not fit their narrative on the Syrian crisis.

The Australian media is clearly participating in supporting terrorists in a bid to destabilise the legitimate Syrian government.

Saturday, October 01, 2016

Why the media blackout on our regular visits to Syria

The media circus covering the visit of ex Liberal MP Wyatt Roy to the Iraq frontline, constitutes a big hypocrisy in how the media operates in this country.

The visit, which achieved no goal, revealed no facts and had no clear agenda in helping Iraqis, generated wide media coverage for no obvious reason. The failed politician did not tell us any useful information during his controversial visit to the Kurdish fighters’ posts in Iraq. Until now, we are unaware of the reason behind the visit. It seems to have been more a stunt carried out by a politician wanting to come back in the political arena. No more no less.

So here we have a total media circus frenzy covering a non event, whilst ignoring and forcing a total blackout on our highly informative visit to Syria.

The media is not interested to hear from participants on the situation in the war-torn country and is not interested to hear the voices of ordinary Syrians victims of violence.

The media did not show any interest to hear from participants from more than 8 countries and their observations of what is really happening in Syria and the Middle East. But it was highly interested to cover the story of a dumb politician going to Iraq with absolutely no aim or interest.

The deliberate media blackout on our highly informative visit to Syria had only one agenda, keeping the truth from the Australian people and other people in Western countries.

Returning from Syria recently, I was shocked to watch our media coverage of what is happening in Syria. The media is reporting on something totally different. The truth is so far off that it’s like watching a Hollywood movie in a made up world.

A clear example of one of the big deceits perpetrated by our media, is the “safe passage” for civilians wishing to leave Eastern Aleppo suburbs. They chose to ignore the fact that the Syrian government and Russia have declared 5 safe passages more than 2 weeks ago for all civilians who wish to leave. It was the snipers of the terrorist group Jabhat Al Nusra who killed civilians trying to escape.

The media was quick in accusing the Syrian and Russian army for the killing of the civilians totally ignoring the fact that Eastern suburbs of Aleppo are under the control of terrorists from the Jabhat Al Nusra and most of the civilians there are terrorists and their families. The media did not mention the name of Jabhat Al Nusra once!

Our fact finding Syrian peace tours included peace activists and freelance journalists from many countries. Not one of our 3 tours we organised in the last 12 months was ever mentioned in the media.

We filmed testimonies of many ordinary Syrians expressing their support for their government and their president. Ordinary Syrians we interviewed, accused Western countries of financing, training and arming ISIS and Jabhat AL Nusra. Our media is clearly not interested in the truth.

By enforcing a total blackout on our visits to Syria our media continues to deceive the Australian people by hiding the truth of what is really happening in Syria and the Middle East. Such a deception campaign not only has aided terrorists but it has increased the levels of extremism in our society.

And they still ask: where did all this radicalisation come from..?!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Rising Islamophobia: who to blame...!!!

For the last 6 years and since the beginning of terrorist activities in Syria under the banner of “revolution”, I (and many community leaders and activists) were warning of the dire consequences for the current rhetoric on the issue. The major concern for us was that such rhetoric would lead to a deep division in the society and inevitable skyrocketing Islamophobia. We also warned that official support for radical elements in the society will increase the actual possibility of imminent terrorist activities in the country. This would help the radicals establish networks this way spreading their extreme philosophies.

Our warnings fell on deaf ears!

Now and after the revelation of Centrelink’s payments to ISIS terrorists, authorities need to take major steps.

Scandals such as this one and previous terrorist activities have greatly helped the increase of Islamophobia never experienced before in this country’s history.

We saw the results of this high level of Islamophobia in last month’s Federal election results, where anti-Muslim micro-parties gained big political representation in our parliament.

Thanks to the increase of a divided society, now we are experiencing attacks from both sides and not only in the virtual world.

For the first time in years our authorities arrested neo Nazi activist for planning terrorist attacks against Muslims or pro-Muslim targets.

As a well-known anti-extremism campaigner, I find myself (and I believe many of anti-extremism Muslim activists) in a unique position.

Since the beginning of terrorism in Syria, I was subjected to vicious campaigns of attacks and threats by Wahhabi “Muslim” extremists. These days, the threats and fear is coming from anti-Muslim extremists, for being Muslim.

Not only this. To date and because of my opposition to US-NATO intervention in Syria, authorities are against me. Last year, Australian authorities directed AFP and ABF to target me by subjecting me to a humiliating investigation at the airport. Then AFP lead a major covert operation involving the collection of false testimonies from at least two “community leaders” (actually ASIO informants) and cooperated with some segment of corrupt Lebanese authorities to ban me from entering Lebanon. Such move was hailed as a victory by extremists, which they expressed in messages and comments on my Facebook page.

In answering the dumb question of “who to blame” for this situation of high radicalisation (to the point of imminent terrorist attack) and skyrocketing Islamophobia, the official answer is “Google sheikhs” and “Youtube Imams”.

I am not sure if the authorities classify Centrelink as Google Sheikh? What about classifying Bob Carr as “Youtube Imam”?

Our lives are rapidly degrading because of US ambition to destroy an unfriendly state (Syria). Our lives are under imminent danger of terrorist attacks because of this US dream/plan. And our rights were taken away under the mirage of authorities fight against terrorism, when in fact they were supporting radical elements in the society for the last 6 years.

I see no hope of change in the immediate future.

Our authorities are still conspiring against me because of my opposition to US-NATO destructive plan.

Our PM still invites extremists/godfathers of terrorists for Iftar and has regular consultations on how to fight radicalisation.

Our media is still glorifying the various godfathers of extremism portraying them as “anti-extremism champions”.

Our “human rights organisations” still recognise the work of extremists as exemplary to fight against radicalisation.

Our government departments still fund extremist organisations, but refuse to fund the anti-extremism ones.

And the anti-Muslim extremists still attack all Muslims indiscriminately, for being just Muslims without taking the time to understand the difference.

Soon, we will start a campaign to bring the real perpetrators of this mess into the spotlight.

Watch this space!

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

نتائج معركة حلب كما توقعتها قبل خمس اعوام: ستهزمون...!!!ِ

في شهر اكتوبر/تشرين اول 2011 التقيت وبالصدفة مع احد قياديي اخوان مسلمي سوريا في العاصمة الاردنية عمان. كنت قادما من طهران بعد المشاركة في مؤتمر للصحفيين المستقلين. القيادي الاخونجي كان زميلا قديما في مهنة الطب البيطري, حيث استقر في عمان بعد فشل مخطط الاخوان الارهابي في سبعينيات وثماننينات القرن الماضي. وبالصدفة كان زميلا لي في عيادة مجاورة لعيادتي في منطقة زيزيا خارج العاصمة عمان.

بعد اعادة التعارف (بعد اكثر من عقد ونصف من مغادرتي للاردن), احببت استطلاع رايه عما يحدث في بلده الام سوريا. كان واثقا في كلامه الواضح "هذه المرة سيسقط النظام وسنصل للسلطة, وخلال اشهر. لدينا كل المعطيات والتطمينات".

عاجلته بسؤال "يعني الامريكي اعطاكم الضمانات والوعود ام الاسرائيلي".

عاجلني بجواب صاعق لم اتوقعه "ليس مهما من اعطانا الوعود المهم تحقيق الهدف".

"حتى لو تحالفتم مع اسرائيل, كما صرح قيادييكم وعلى راسهم البيانوني"

اشتدت دهشتي لصراحته المطلقة "سنتحالف مع الشيطان لاسقاط النظام".

اعدت السؤال من شدة دهشتي "حتى مع اسرائيل".

"قلت لك حتى مع الشيطان"

لم يترك لي مجال للدبلوماسية فبادرته بحدة "هذا سيحصل فقط في احلامكم. كما حدث في الماضي القريب, ستسحقون مرة اخرى. هذه المرة للابد".

كنت قادما من طهران حيث التقيت بعض الاصدقاء من المقربين لصناع القرار هناك. كانوا جميعهم قلقين. كنت اطمع ان احصل على اجابات عن الاسئلة الكثيرة التي حملتها معي لطهران عن الازمة السورية. بدلا من ان اتلقى اي اجابات, ووجهت بعاصفة من الاسئلة على راسها "هل سيصمد النظام ام يتفكك, كما حدث في ليبيا".

الكل في طهران كان يدرك حجم المؤامرة على سوريا. الخوف الوحيد كان ان تنجح الفتنة الطائفية (كما حدث في الحرب الاهلية اللبنانية) فيتشظى البلد.

في كل لقاءاتي كنت متفائلا. هذا التفاؤل الذي لم يشاطرني فيه احد.

بادرني احد الاعلاميين الايرانيين بالقول "لو خرجت تظاهرات مليونية... لو انشق الجيش على اساس طائفي وديني... لو خاف الوزراء والمسؤولون من مصير كمصير القذافي وكل من وقف في وجه "الربيع العربي" فانشق او هرب او اعتزل... لو حصل اي من هذا فلن تستطيع ايران مساعدة حليفها السوري. بل الخوف الحقيقي هو: لو تخلى الروسي عن حليفه (كما حدث في ليبيا قبل اشهر) وسمح للناتو بالهجوم على سوريا, هل سيملك النظام شجاعه الدخول في حرب ضد الناتو واسرائيل؟"

في مقالة لي في بداية الازمة (فشل مخططات الاطاحة بالنظام السوري وانعكاساته على مستقبل المنطقة, النهار الاسترالية, 12/5/2011), قلت تحليلا ان الروسي لن يتخلى عن سوريا. كما توقعت, وعلى خلاف معظم المحللين, بان سوريا لن تنهار. فسوريا ليست ليبيا القذافي. كما ان الظروف الدولية ليست كتلك ايام الغزو الامريكي للعراق. في مقالتي تلك قلت ان سوريا ستصمد. بل ذهبت الى ابعد من ذلك حيث توقعت ان يسفر انهيار المؤامرة الغربية على سوريا الى تغيرات جذرية في النظام العالمي تعيد بعض التوازن اليه. هذه التغيرات التي بدأت تطل براسها منذ نهاية العام الماضي بالتدخل الروسي العسكري خارج روسيا لاول مرة منذ انهيار الاتحاد السوفياتي. هذا التدخل الذي ارسل رسالة واضحة بان روسيا قد عادت دولة مهمه على الساحه الدولية.

معارك حلب الدائرة الان تعتبر الخاتمة لما جاء في توقعاتي في المقالة التي نشرتها في شهر ايار/مايو 2011. الامريكي الان يزج بكل ما يملك من ارهابيين في المعركة الاخيرة قبل اعلانه الفشل النهائي في المغامرة السورية. فحشد حوالي 30 الف ارهابي وتوحيد اكثر من 20 فصيل عسكري مهم وكبير, الهدف منه محاولة صنع انتصار مهم قد يقلب الوضع الميداني لصالح ادوات المؤامرة الامبريالية.

هذا الهدف مفهوم لدى القيادة السورية وحليفها الروسي. هذا الفهم الذي سيجعل القيادتين السورية والروسية (وبالتعاون مع ايران) مصرتين تماما على احباطه, حتى لو تاتى هذا الاحباط بسياسة الارض المحروقة تماما لمناطق وجود الارهابيين. هذه السياسة التي بدأت منذ الامس بغارات عنيفة واستخدام كل انواع الاسلحة الثقيلة ليس فقط ضد المواقع التي تراجع عنها الجيش السوري وحلفاؤه في الكليات الحربية, بل وفي عقر دار الارهابيين في ادلب وريفها.

قد يقول قائل ان زج امريكا لهذا الكم الهائل من ارهابييها في معركة حلب ما هو الا مرحلة من مراحل الازمة وانها قادرة, حتى لو فشل الهجوم, ان تحشد المزيد من الارهابيين واطلاق عملية اخرى في حلب او في منطقة اخرى.

هذا السيناريو قد يكون منطقيا قبل عام او اثنين. فبعد ان زحف الارهاب الى باريس وبروكسل ولندن وسيدني واورلندو. وبعد انهيار معنويات الارهابيين بعد خساراتهم الهائلة في حمص وريف اللاذقية والغوطة والقلمون والانبار وصلاح الدين وسرت. بعد كل ذلك, فان هزيمة على مستوى صد هجوم ل30 الف ارهابي, سيكون بمثابة القشة التي قصمت ظهر البعير. مع ان البعير هو بعير غبي مغيب العقل والانسانية والاخلاق والشعور. الا ان هزائم متلاحقة على هذا المستوى الاقليمي سيعيد بعض العقل لمن غيبتهم انتصارات الرقة والموصل وسرت الى حد الغيبوبة عن الواقع تماما. كما ان الاوروبي تحت ضغط هائل لمنع مزيد من العمليات الارهابية في قلب عواصمه, لاعطاء مزيد من الوقت لمغامرات جديدة للثنائي المرعب اوباما-كيري.

في رأيي فان معركة حلب محسومة ومنذ ساعاتها الاولى. الجيش السوري وحلفاؤه لا يستطيعون فقدان اي نقطة عسكرية حول حلب. بل ان الازمة وصلت الى نقطة ان تحرير حلب الان هو هدف يتقدم على اي هدف اخر, حتى هدف تحرير غوطة دمشق المهمه. المعركة ليست خسارة نقطة عسكرية هنا او اخرى هناك. القضية الان هو المحافظه على هيبة ما تحقق بعد الاشتراك الروسي في المعارك وبالتالي المحافظة على هيبة الحليف الروسي الطامع للعودة الى مصاف الدول العظمى. كما ان الهدف الاخر هو توجيه رسالة قاطعه للثنائي الارهابي اوباما-كيري الذين مارسا سياسة الخداع والكذب منذ بداية الازمة حتى الان. هذه الرسالة مفادها ان الروسي لن يسمح لهم بتحقيق اي انتصار سيشجعهم على التمادي في سياسة الخداع الاجرامي.

معركة حلب واحباط مخطط واشنطن هناك سيجعل الروسي يوجه رسالة صادمة ومباشرة للامريكي: لن نسمح لكم بالاستمرار في خداعنا.

عندما توقعت منذ البداية ان سوريا ستسحق الارهاب ومخططه, ابتسم زميلي البيطري الاخونجي. كما تعجب بعض المسؤولين في طهران. كما ضحك علي المتطرفون في استراليا. وها هي حلب تثبت مقولتي. وانا واثق من نصر الجيش السوري وحلفاؤه في حلب.

في الحقيقة فان الامريكي اراد معركة حلب ان تكون معركة فاصلة لاهانة الحليف الروسي وبالتالي تاجيل استحقاقات كبرى اهمها ضرورة ارساء دعائم نظام عالمي جديد متعدد الاقطاب. والروسي يريد من معركة حلب القضاء على هذا الهدف الامريكي الشرير وبالتالي تسريع الوصول الى هذه التفاهمات الدولية الوازنة.

وحلب منتصرة قريبا على الارهاب الدولي ومشغليه.

Monday, August 01, 2016

The Greens public infighting: my own observations

After watching the 7:30 Report, Lee Rhiannon has only herself to blame for the public attack by former leader Bob Brown on her including demanding her resignation.

I joined the Greens party 2000 and resigned 2006. Lee was the major reason why I resigned, as I became sure that the party has no vision and no agenda of socio-economic change as they claim by its charter and constitution. The party was talking about one issue: how to win more power. No discussion of how this power will be used to enforce 2 major parties to retreat and accept reforms that will achieve better equality in the society.

After joining the Greens party 2000, I quickly became friend of Lee.

Attending Greens events and meetings, there was one constant face I was seeing. And this person was always vocal on issues of social justice and equality. No matter the subject was, you cannot disagree with her. This was Lee Rhiannon, the MLC in NSW then.

She was very good organiser: she is everywhere, at all events, record details of everything and follows up on previous conversations. This is why she was successful in her empire-building inside the Greens and could sideline many of her rivals.

Contrary to what both Bob Brown and Lee Rhiannon claimed on 7:30 Report, it was very easy to notice the factionalism inside the party since Lee joined the party 1990. One of Lee’s strong supporters told me after 2001 Federal election that she voted and joined the Greens after Lee’s prominence in the party which “broadened the platform of the Greens from simply environmental party to inclusive party on wide-range of social-justice issues”. She in fact created factions inside the Greens to serve its agenda, as she has no credential or understanding of environmental movement and issues.

While I do not agree with Bob Brown’s conservative and pragmatic politics aimed at winning more votes only, but I do not agree that Lee is still Red Melon politician. She is using this rhetoric just to stay in politics. She had dream of becoming the leader of the Greens party, and this is why she stayed in parliament even after the resignation of party’s historical figures of Bob Brown, Christine Milne and Ian Cohen.

Bob Brown agreed with me that Lee is liability on the Greens in general, and in NSW in particular. Her style of breaking all rivals and enforce them to resign, had inherited her lot of enemies. Many of her enemies refused to help with her campaign in 2010 and this year. This is one reason of the low vote for Lee and her ticket.

But in addition to this reason, we believe that our repeated campaigns against her (and the Greens in general) had worked. Since 2007, the Greens popularity did not grow significantly in NSW. Despite the fact that the Greens grew significantly in ALL states, NSW is the only state that the Greens popularity had stalled.

I started to criticise Lee’s empire building and her vicious campaigns against all rivals since 2003. In 2003 state election, I resigned amid the NSW election as party spokesperson for Refugees and Immigration after she interfered with my portfolio. Since then, I became harsh critical of her style of destroying political rivals inside the Greens. In addition to her lack of commitment and vision on social justice issues.

Her undemocratic disgraceful attacks on her colleagues were documented by many of her rivals and activists on many issues.

The first colleague to suffer from her disloyalty was Ian Cohen, when she led vicious campaign to oust him by campaigning to enforce limited tenure principle. The same principle that she never respected.

She branded him with all bad names and descriptions: Zionist, regressive, dead-man walking and unGreen MLC.

In the process, she also opened fire on Inner-West Greens because the convenor of that group, Mersina Tonys-Soulos, did not accept to agree with her on many issues.

After conspiring against Inner-West Greens, Lee involved in bashing Blacktown newly formed group. Lee could not control that group as the convenor David Cunningham refused to back her attempts against Ian Cohen.

Then she conspired against me and group of progressive left members. This included many failed attempts to get rid of me and other progressive people. Most of us decided to leave as we lost the faith in the party and its lack of vision.

(I attach a letter of resignation of one of very respected activist because of her empire-building undemocratic practices to totally control the party)

Lee had shown no compromise in her bid to keep full control of the NSW Greens. Despite the fact that her rivals of other factions’ leaders agreement to play within the rules. She is the only one that crossed all red-lines in her cheap and personal attacks on rivals and her insistence to stay in politics as long as it takes until she could control Australian Greens.

I deeply believe that Lee has no chance to achieve her agenda. She thought that her support of young faces (who were never been Greenies too) will land her to the top job in the Greens. The other unGreen politicians (Adam Bandt, Di Natalie, Sarah Hanson-Young...) turned to be also careerists-opportunists that had their eyes on the leadership of the party.

I also disagree with Bob that Greens had made any significant gains in this election. The election was double dissolution election, where the Greens achieved no full quota in any state if it was normal election. No Greens party in any state got the 14.5% quota required in normal election.

I think that the in-fighting will intensify until Lee will be convinced that she has no chance to win leadership post. But this will have great impact on the Greens. The Greens is deeply lucky party that there is no strong minor left party that could attract significant voters who are currently voting for the Greens as protest against Labor and Liberals. But the big changes resulted in this election is promising that another left alternative is possible within the next 3 years until the next election (if we go to full term).

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Repeated terrorist attacks in Australia: I was right on terrorism...!!!

We, as citizens, have all rights to ask our authorities: why?

Why do we have this high radicalisation level? And why you cannot control it and cannot start successful de-radicalisation steps?

Before Khaled Sharrouf managed to leave Australia and reach Syria with no valid passport.

Before AFP admitted that they cooked the conspiracy with “community leaders” and foreign powers to ban me from entering Lebanon.

Before my local MP Jason Clare refused to meet me and other community members/victims of radicals’ attacks.

Before PM invited extremists to annual Iftar, while excluding anti-extremist campaigners from invitation.

Before authorities granted millions of dollars to extreme organisations to manage anti-extremism programs.

Before all this, I was trying to give our authorities the “benefit of doubt” for lacking any sense on these actions.

But the reality of things is very concerning. For me the real causes of radicalisation is very clear now.

When I was warning about growing extremism in the suburbs, the leader of NSW Liberal party was sending condolence letters to families of Australian terrorists killed in Syria.

When I was living in fear in my home, fearing attacks form radicals because of my anti-extremism campaigns; Labor leader was busy calling Syrian ambassador asking him to leave the country because Syrian army was fighting against terrorists including our own ones. Labor leader was busy supporting terrorists by calling on Al Qaeda affiliates to assassinate Syrian president as the only solution of growing terrorism in Syria.

When I was reporting to media about Wahhabi extremists’ crimes against Ali Ibrahim, Campsie police station officers were busy threatening me of legal consequences if I continued with these actions.

When I travelled to Syria in fact-finding mission and to promote peaceful solution for the conflicts, SBS and ABC were busy condemning me even before hearing what I will say about the situation in Syria.

When I was organising peace tours for journalists and peace activist to Syria, our security agencies were busy cooking conspiracies with foreign powers to cripple my ability to travel to Syria, through banning me from entering Lebanon.

When I was documenting Wahhabi crimes against local shop owners and peace activists, the Greens party politicians were busy calling for NATO to bomb Syria as the best available support for rebels-terrorists in Syria.

For all this, I feel very proud that I was right for the last 5 years.

I was right to consider Syrian “revolution” as Western conspiracy to get rid of unfriendly regime using terrorism.

I feel proud that I opposed this “revolution” and considered it to be the mother of all terrorist activities around the world.

And I am proud that I warned Australians that current authorities’ approach will not solve any problem. On the contrary.

Banning me from entering Lebanon, gave extremist “morale” boost that they still enjoy authorities support.

Refusing to grant our organisation a single dollar to manage anti-radicalisation program, is the wrong message to all directions.

Authorities insistence to invite extremists to activities and events on behalf of Australian Muslims, gives the extremists strong sense of power and influence.

In short, our authorities are on the wrong path and they need to change course. Before it is too late.....