Friday, April 06, 2018

The real reasons why we have a shortage of nurses

The shortage of nurses in Australia is critical and getting worse every day.

Our government admits this but fails to take any steps to try change the status quo. Not only are they failing to fix this problem, things are getting worse due to the many bureaucratic red-tapes around the issue.

The shortage of nurses has forced many hospitals to shut down vital wards.
By closing hospital wards the crisis within our public health system gets worse and reaches levels of danger.

The government is trying to convince us that they are doing something significant to address the issues which affects every Australian.
To this regard, our authorities are making it easier for registered nurses to migrate to Australia. Registered nurses migrating from other countries, have been treated less harshly than other professionals wishing to migrate here.

The government wants to convince us that these actions, superficial in my opinion, will address the chronic and serious shortage of registered nurses.

The stress of working within an ailing system has caused many experienced registered nurses to leave the profession.

We all know that without training local nurses, the crisis will be out of control soon. And what does the government do to fix or prevent this from happening? Nothing. They have made it worse.

I am aware of hundreds of locally trained nurses who are waiting for their registration to start working in our hospitals and help relieving the crisis. They have studied hard, passing all exams and assignments and they went through all practical training. After graduating all these trained nurses hit a brick wall called IELTS and OET.

Unless a graduate passes the IELTS or OET test, they are unable to practice the profession. This law was made during the Rudd Labor government to make it nearly impossible to be a registered nurse from NESB.

The majority of these Australian graduates are from a non-English speaking background (NESB).

One must ask what was the government thinking when they put this law in place? This was not the smartest decisions to be made!!!

I am sure that universities and colleges have strict regulations when accepting only people with enough English language skills to attend their courses. The fact that these students were successful in completing the course is a clear indication that they have enough English skills to understand the tasks and functions effectively in any similar roles in our hospitals.

Instead of allocating all of them immediately into our health system, the government forces them to wait years to register.

The minister who created this regulation, did so based on no research or substantiated data. Blaming migrants from NESB of mistakes in our health system is not only racist but clearly shows lack of common sense.

This way of thinking is also hurting our society.

Many good professionals have given up on registering as nurses due to the constant failure to pass the IELTS test.

These desperately needed graduates are costing tax-payers millions of dollars in HECS. The continue failure to pass IELTS testing will either cause them to lose the right to register after 2 years or just give up.

In both situations, these professionals will be unemployed or will end up working unskilled jobs and will be unable to pay back the HECS debt. All this thanks to this foolish policy.

Meanwhile patients in hospitals are waiting long hours in emergency and are unable to get a bed due to a shortage of nurses.
Many Australian women will be forced to deliver babies in toilets or hospital staircases.

And we will continue importing nurses from third world countries.

What is happening with nurses is a classic example of what is happening with other professions where NESB professionals are treated as second class citizen and forced to suffer endlessly because of their birthplace.

All our universities are careful in accepting only people mastering enough English language skills before they attend their classes.

So why NESB graduates need to prove every two years they haven’t lost their English language skills?

Some common sense is needed to fix our ailing health, political and moral systems.

Monday, January 22, 2018


The strange case of the operative cell lead by Eva Bartlett, Vanessa Beeley, Janice Kortkamp and a few Australians who can’t be named for legal reasons, is a very clear example of how Western empire emissaries work and conspire together with perfect coordination and timing.
This is further evidence of the enormity of this conspiracy to destroy Syria.

The aim is not only to destroy a country but to change the ideology of that country (including the mentality and beliefs of its citizens), from an anti-Israel state to an Israel friendly one

First we need to explain the telecommunication revolution that happened in the last few decades and its effect on how the empire adapted to continue its manipulation of public opinion. I will explain also the tools adopted by “the empire” to abort any move of mass dissent against it.

A few decades ago, the media was operated only at a national level. These media were allocated the role of brainwashing people and controlling national public opinion. Australian media was directed at Australians, American media directed to control American public discourse and so on.
Then we entered the era of satellite media. This type of media crossed all national borders and boundaries. The need arose to create a major satellite TV and radio stations with huge budgets and resources such as CNN, AL Jazeera and many others. These satellite stations controlled the public discourse on major issues around the world regardless of their national ownership.

And, when internet use became a global phenomenon, “the empire” reacted quickly by establishing major social media outlets and well-resourced websites to control public discussion about almost everything important regardless of whether it has national or international importance. So it created Facebook, Twitter and other major websites and social media tools.

To keep its absolute control on this emerging space, the Western intelligence agencies created special units to manage this development in such a way as to abort any move to break the monopoly on information and news exchange.

It is well documented now that the CIA, MI6, Mossad and other intelligence agencies created units within each of their services to “interfere” in public discussions on social media and the so-called “alternative media”. These units’ roles which are very broad, their tactics and reach beyond any imagination, had the mandate to stop, redirect and sabotage any efforts to spread the culture of resistance and dissent against “the empire”. The main role is to prevent the oppressed from getting organised, exchanging information and news and their efforts to destroy the current status quo of those nations that oppress them and steal their national resources.

How do these units work?

These “social media units” create thousands of fake accounts on the different social media outlets. If the unit/s want to promote a particular agent/s and help with their infiltration into a particular community or society, these fake accounts will start to share and promote the specially targeted literature identified with this operative. Within a short period, they will turn this operative into a star all the while hiding his/her real identity and agendas. The same fake accounts will attack anyone who questions the new status quo and legitimacy of the operative or their hidden agendas. They will fabricate and spread lies to undermine any dissenting voice that stands in the way of their mission.

These fake accounts created by these social-media intelligence infiltration units will also work on brainwashing and recruiting spies in enemy areas. CIA, MI6 and Mossad work very hard to recruit Russians, Iranians, Syrians, and Palestinians who live in these “enemy” countries.
We even recorded money being transferred through social media sites to newly recruited operatives in these countries under the blanket of “humanitarian aid” and “support for needy” people who are victims of occupation or civil wars.
And this is how it is with what we call the “Eva-Vanessa-Janice Operative Cell”. They represent a clear example of the new wave of “social media operatives”. We believe that this cell is the most dangerous cell operating now in the Middle East, taking into account the level of its work, budget spent and organisation of its sleeper cells.

Let us discuss why.

All these cell members had no presence on social media before 2014, except for Eva Bartlett who started her espionage activities as early as 2008. Let us remember that 2008 is two years after the failure of George W Bush’s “Great Middle East” plan, after the defeat of Israel in Lebanon 2006. So the US administration needed another “soft-tool” to work on the ground, infiltrating the “enemies”. We now understand that the US consecutive administrations never abandoned the plan to divide the Middle East in order to protect Israel. We also now know that the new episode of this plan was the current Arab-Spring project, which explains the heavy use of such cells as described above.
All cell members had either never heard of or thought of Syria before 2014. Suddenly many of them showed interest in Syria and its crisis. Eva even abandoned her “vital” work in Gaza and the West Bank of Palestine and moved all activities to Syria. The first time she appeared on the Syrian scene was in 2014.

Let me remind you that the Syrian crisis started in March 2011. It was planned that within weeks the Syrian state would collapse, as happened in Egypt and Tunisia. There are many comments of Syrian “opposition” figures and their backers indicating their belief that this would happen quickly.

So the intervention of this operative cell in 2014 came after everyone realised that “Plan A” of “regime-change” is unachievable. Therefore the conspiring forces resorted to “Plan B”: that is to infiltrate the state to try to achieve what terrorists could not achieve through terrorism and instead by espionage and spreading Zionist and Western “values” of the need for democracy, the benefits of having peace with Israel and, normalisation with the US/NATO instead of keeping the traditional alliance with Russia. In addition to this was the vital role of these cell members in collecting information and news through recruiting local Syrian sleeping cells and spies.

The work of social-media units of Western intelligence agencies started in earnest from 2014. Eva Bartlett who had no more than a few hundred friends on Facebook and no presence on Twitter, suddenly began to have a huge following on both major social media outlets. You can check for yourself that any post by Eva prior to 2014 did not attract more than a handful of “likes” and no “shares”, in comparison to the hundreds received nowadays.

A similar story for Vanessa Beeley, Janice Kortkamp and the rest of the cell members.
Let me give you a clear example on how these social-media intelligence operative units of the CIA, MI6 and Mossad work. Any post by Eva (or any of her cell members) will be shared by the same numbers of Facebook accounts that, in addition to her posts, also share other posts by her cohorts. Observing over a long period, there are indications that, most likely, these fake accounts that act in a coordinated manner, hence accounts created by employees/spies of these units, have orders to immediately go and share and press “like” on any posts created by these cell members.

In addition to this practice, in the post below that I chose randomly, there were 55 Shares which means that the post is highly valuable. What’s significant is that that 55 people chose to share on their timeline this article but, surprisingly, there were only three comments. So one will like the post so much, to the point of endorsing it on your own Timeline, but not have a single word to say about it when endorsing it to others. Strange.

At some stage, the real agenda of this operative cell becomes very obvious. You need just to ask yourself simple questions in order to understand and realise what they are.

The most important question one needs to ask oneself is: how did Syria benefit from the work of these operatives who pose as Syria’s friends? This will give you a clear understanding on where they actually stand and what their real agenda is.
Syria needed its friends around the world in the first few months of the crisis. The state was isolated, tons of lies and fabrications were flying around and there were calls for military intervention from the first months of the crisis. So, Syria needed people to speak up during the first months of 2011, not 2014.

During 2011, real friends of Syria were working tirelessly collecting information and refuting lies of Western and major media outlets. We contacted all Australian media and protested against fabrications and lies that they were broadcasting on Syria. We organised rallies and protests. We collected information about local extremists who travelled to fight in Syria. And, we waged a successful campaign to expose the reality of what is really happening in Syria. By mid-2013, it was very clear that the “regime-change” plan was shattered. This was not because of our work, but because of the stiff resistance of the Syrian people, their army and state. But by then, we already had a major impact on getting the Western media to recognise the reality of what is happening in Syria and the global terrorist cells that support its “revolution”.
In contrast to this, we would like to know what did Eva and her operative cell achieve until now to help Syria, that is despite her and her cohort’s claim that they saved Syria from collapse?

The simple answer: nothing. They achieved nothing. The reality of what they achieved is contrary to their claims and, instead, we can see their efforts had a huge negative impact. And, here what they achieved:
They infiltrated Syrian society, recruited operatives and established new, also strengthened existing Christian Zionist cells/churches in Syria.

They exaggerated stories and also blatantly fabricated huge lies about what is happening in Syria, including attacking every genuine friend of Syria (especially in the Western democracies).

Dividing the movement caused many Syrians to lose any hope and left them feeling that they were alone in facing “the empire” and its terrorist army.

Despite their huge expenditure on their activities of spreading lies and recruiting spies and, this is well documented, including that of tens of thousands of dollars being smuggled into Syria to fund local spies by Vanessa Beeley, Janice Kortkamp, Mike Raddie and others, not a single dollar was given as aid. All were spent on recruiting sleeping cells, including sleeping cells inside the Syrian media.

Next, let us check who follows the members of this cohort of operatives on Facebook and Twitter so as to understand their real agendas. They are followed and supported, apart from the fake accounts, ONLY by strong supporters of the Syrian state. So addressing them is just a waste of time and effort and adds nothing to the debate. They are already on our side and they know more than the cell members know of the Syrian reality.

From 2014 (the date when the cell core migrated their espionage activities from occupied Palestinian lands into Syria), Syrian crisis was on its way to resolution. The Syrian state and its allies stopped terrorists from expanding, regained huge areas gradually and continued to operate as capable authorities.

In 2016, Vanessa Beeley visited Aleppo and declared that her work was vital in the liberation of that city. We do not know how. At that time, the Russian mighty state declared very clearly that they will continue helping the Syrian army to liberate Aleppo, despite the lies and fabrications put out there about this. Russia and China used the veto several times to stop a military intervention - not Vanessa and Eva. So what is the importance of Vanessa’s presence in the Jibrin refugee camp?

Vanessa and Eva are deliberately showing contempt for mainstream media. So, how would Western citizens understand what is really happening in Syria if these supposed Syria friendly journalists do not talk to the BBC, the Guardian and other mainstream media?

Vanessa and Eva have claimed that their Facebook pages (which could easily be operated by CIA and MI6) that attract not more than 1000 followers on each post, defeated the might of BBC, CNN, AL Jazeera and the Guardian.

Talking from an Australian perspective, I have statistics. The ABC audience that viewed the many reports we participated in producing about terrorists in Syria numbered an estimated two million and that was per program. You can compare this huge audience to the few hundred followers reading the repetitive rubbish of Vanessa and Eva.

Let me even make a comparison between RT and the Australian ABC. The Australian audience of RT do not exceed more than a couple of thousand viewers but, when the ABC airs the 7:30 Report, viewers exceed one million every day.

Not only this; RT’s audience are, or the overwhelming majority are, progressive people who are supporters of Russia and Syria. So telling this audience about your opinion in Syria does not add anything (other than to document the argument and use the link). In contrast, the audience of Australia’s ABC are the mainstream, the majority and, this is who we needed to reach at the beginning of the Syrian crisis in order to convince them that our authorities and media are not telling us the truth of what is happening in Syria.

In conclusion, the operative cell was given the responsibility to divide the effective pro-Syria movement. Their entry came very late in the crisis and added nothing to the debate. Their activities of smuggling thousands of dollars and spending generously on sleeper cells are indicative of their real agendas. Never in any past “anti-empire” campaigns has there been such a high level of organisation and unlimited budget. The operative cell’s sudden rise was based on no concrete achievements or work. All signs point in one direction: this is the work of social-media espionage units of CIA and MI6.

Thursday, December 07, 2017

افق الحل في اليمن بعد صالح

في معرض تعليقه على تجربة كمونة باريس الثورية الفاشلة, قال فلاديمير لينين "ليس المهم القيام بثورة, بل المهم القيام بثورة ناحجة تحقق اهدافها وتحمي نفسها".

مضت ثلاث سنوات على "ثورة" الحوثيين - صالح على الاوضاع القائمة في اليمن, ولم يقل لنا احد حتى الان اهداف الثورة وفلسفتها وما ترجو تحقيقه من اهداف واساليب تحقيقها وهل تم تحقيق اي هدف من هذه الاهداف. خصوصا ان الحلفاء على طرفي نقيض في معظم الامور. وبعد الانفصال الدموي بين مكوني "الثورة", يحق لمؤيديها وخصوصا اليمنيين ان يعرفوا اجابة على سؤال محدد "وماذا بعد؟".

لا يختلف اثنان من الخبراء المحايدين بان تصرف الحوثيين الدموي باغتيال الرئيس الاسبق صالح وبدم بارد, واغتيال من كان معه وغيرهم من معارضي الحوثيين من حلفاء الامس في "الثورة" في صنعاء وغيرها, ستكون له نتائج وخيمة على الجميع في اليمن.

فالسعودية والتي تقود عدوانا همجيا منذ ثلاث سنين على اليمن تلقفت الخبر بالكثير من السعادة والرضا ودارت بقميص صالح على القبائل لتؤجج الثارات القبلية. كما انها تلقفت الهدية الحوثية لتزيد من تحطيم اليمن وتدميره بغارات همجية متزايدة وبطلب من اليمنيين انفسهم الذين كان اغلبهم يقاتلون ضدها بالامس. كما نجحت السعودية وحلفاؤها باسكات الاصوات المتصاعدة حديثا من منظمات دولية ودول داعمة للسعودية بضرورة انهاء الحصار وتخفيف الضربات الجوية, والتي تعالت الان شاجبة لتصرفات الحوثيين العنيفة. كما ان الغطاء الشعبي الذي كان يوفره صالح وحزب المؤتمر "للثورة" قد سحب تماما واصبحت السعودية وحلفاؤها في وضع قوي بادعائهم انهم يحاربون ميليشيات دينية مدعومة من ايران.

بعد احداث اليومين الماضيين الدموية يحق لنا كمعارضين ومنذ البداية للجرائم السعودية في اليمن ان نسأل ايضا "ما هي استراتيجية الحوثيين الان للخروج باليمن من مازقه الحرج؟".

بالرغم من تأييدنا لشعارات تحرير فلسطين ومحاربة الامبريالية الامريكية التي يرفعها الحوثيون, الا اننا نتحدث الان عن مصير ملايين اليمنيين الجوعى والجرحى والمحاصرين الذي كان لديهم امل بالوصول الى مخرج سلمي بوجود صالح وحزبه في جانب "الثورة".

فان كان الحوثيون يعتقدون انهم قادرون على هزيمة السعودية وحلفاؤها (وهم كثر ومن ضمنهم الامريكي والبريطاني والخليجي والعربي ومرتزقة كولومبيا و استراليا وووو) عسكريا, فنرجو ان يقولوا لنا كيف ؟

وحتى لو اجبر الحوثيون كل هؤلاء على ايقاف عدوانهم المباشر على اليمن, فهل يعتقد الحوثيون انهم قادرون على توحيد اليمن وهزيمة ألوية علي محسن وميليشيات الاصلاح والحراك الجنوبي والقاعدة وداعش وجزء كبير من المؤتمر الشعبي العام وبقايا الحرس الجمهوري والقبائل المتحالفة مع الامارات والسعودية وحزب المؤتمر؟ هل في مخيلتهم انهم قادرون الان وبدون صالح على "فتح" عدن ومأرب وحضرموت وووو, بعد ان فشلوا في تحقيق ذلك بوجود صالح ومؤتمره في صفهم؟

كما يحق للجميع ان يتسائل كيف سيحكم الحوثيون البلد (اليمن كلها) ان كانوا قد اعلنوا ان كل القوى السياسية والفاعلة عملاء وخونة ويرفضون التعامل معهم؟ فحكم اي بلد ليس بالسهل لوجود قوى متناقضة متصارعة ولا توجد دولة في العالم فيها شبه ديمقراطية إلا ويوجد فيها طيف واسع من القوى السياسية والايديولوجية والدينية غير المتفقة على الكثير من الامور, ان لم يكن معظمها.

انا هنا وحسب بداية مقالي لا اتحدث عن مشاعري الشخصية او تمنياتي, وانما اتحدث عن الواقع على الارض. فانا جل تمنياتي ان تهزم السعودية وحلفاؤها, ليس فقط في اليمن بل وفي كل مكان نشرت فيه القتل والدمار حتى داخل السعودية. ولكن هل هذا ممكن في اليمن الان؟ وكيف؟

علي صالح - وبوجوده اما في جانب الحوثيين او حتى كطرف ثالث في الصراع - كان قادرا على اخراج تسوية ترضي جميع الاطراف ومنها السعودية وحلفها. فالسعودية والتي كانت في زاوية ضيقة خلال الاسابيع والاشهر الماضية بسبب عدم قدرتها على حسم الامور العسكرية والازمة المالية فيها والصراعات الداخلية كانت مستعدة للقبول بحل وسطي يقوده صالح وحزب المؤتمر لاخراجها من هذه الورطة. المهم لديها ان لا تظهر ايران منتصرة بانتصار حليفها الحوثي وتسلمه السلطة منفردا.

اما الان, فالمراقبون يقرون انه لا توجد دولة في العالم تقبل او مستعدة ان تقبل بحل يسلم اليمن للحوثي منفردا, وخصوصا بوجود ادارة ترامب المعادية لايران. وعلينا التذكير هنا انه لا توجد دولة في العالم, حتى ايران, تعترف رسميا بسلطات غير سلطة هادي كسلطة شرعية في اليمن. والامم المتحدة وكل المنظمات الدولية تتعامل مع حكومة هادي باعتبارها السلطة الشرعية في اليمن. فعلى ماذا يراهن الحوثي بتصلبه؟

لا شك لدي بان الاحداث الدامية خلال اليومين الماضيين ومنها اغتيال الرئيس الاسبق صالح سيفاقم الاوضاع المعيشية لملايين اليمنيين في صنعاء وصعدة والمناطق التي يسيطر عليها الحوثيين. كما ان تصاعد المطالبات بالثأر لعشرات القيادات القبلية سيزيد تفاقم المذبحة والمعاناة في اليمن.

كما ان تصرفات الحوثيين خلال اليومين الماضيين اظهرت مراهقة سياسية بادارة امور الناس وعززت مقولات اعدائهم بانهم ليسوا رجال دولة ولا يملكون خبرة رجال دولة ولا يعدوا الا كونهم زعماء مليشيات دينية لا تقبل بالاخر.

كما ان تصريحات قيادات الحوثيين المتباهية بالتصرفات الدموية المراهقة وعدم ابدائهم اي مشاعر اتجاه الاحداث او مرونة للقبول بحل وسط او مصالحة يعزز ادعاءات خصومهم عنهم .

اليمن الان تحتاج الى معجزة حقيقية لمنع صوملة دموية, بدأت بشائرها بالظهور. فالطائرات السعودية تقصف بلا حسيب او رقيب او منتقد. بل ان اعداء الامس القريب يطالب بمزيد من القصف ثارا "للشهداء القادة" وتخليصا للبلاد من شر مستطير.

لا ندري الحسابات التي ادت بالحوثي للقيام بهذه المغامرة, ولكن كل الدلائل تشير الى خطأ هذه الحسابات بشكل فادح. ومهما طال امد المعركة, فان السعودية وحلفاؤها قادرون على ادامة القصف والتدمير وتمويل ميليشيات وجيوش محلية لسنين قادمة. كما ان الوقت ليس لصالح الحوثيين, خصوصا مع اعلام شرس يستغل كل شيء للتجييش ضد الحوثيين الذين تركوا انفسهم وحيدين في المعركة. كما ان تفاقم معركة اليمن قد يؤدي الى انتشار لهيبها الى دول اخرى, في زمن كنا نعول على ان اطفاء النيران هو الذي سيسود.

جنب الله اليمن كارثة محققة.

Friday, November 17, 2017

When I’m the only one watched by ASIO in this country

On the 4th of December 2015 I received on Facebook messenger an invitation to attend a conference in Lebanon. The organisation was to arrange everything including airline tickets, accommodation, internal transport and food. All I needed to do was send my passport and that’s exactly what I did.
The only communication I had via Facebook messenger were two messages, the invitation and me sending the copy of my passport.
The organisers contacted me regarding the return flights from Sydney to Beirut via WhatsApp. The conference was due to start on 7th December which meant I didn’t have much time to organise my trip.
On the 4th of December the organisers booked my flight to leave Sydney on 6th December. I had only about 36 hrs to pack and leave. Even my wife only found out I was leaving when the booking was confirmed.
My solicitor obtained the attached document from the Lebanese authorities where it states I was banned from entry to Lebanon on 4th December 2015. The same day I received the invitation and the same day I confirmed my attendance. How extraordinary!
Not even my wife knew that I was leaving for Lebanon until the 5th of December. No one else in my family knew, I didn’t contact anyone for a visa nor did I book accommodation in Lebanon. This has left me wondering how did the Australian authorities know about my travel plans?
Not only how did the Australian authorities know about my travel plans but how efficient of them to contact pro-ISIS Lebanese Minister for Justice General Ashraf Rifi and ask him to issue me with a permanent ban. All this within a few hours of confirming my travel.
One has to ask why our authorities were so efficient and quick to intercept my messages acting swiftly to ban me from a foreign country. These are the same authorities that allowed more than 600 extremists to slip away and leave the country to join terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq.

On 26 October 2015 I was on my way to Syria when I was detained and questioned at Melbourne airport for more than 1.5 hours. I asked the agent who was questioning me: “if you are so vigilant on an anti-extremist campaigner, how could you let 600 terrorists leave Australia for Syria?”

The young and naïve looking agent answered:” They have rights of freedom of movement”. I couldn’t believe what I heard!

Does this mean I don’t have the same rights?
Is ASIO really watching only me in this country? And why?

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

حقيقة الغربيين "اصدقاء سوريا": هل يفيد الحج والناس راجعه؟

دعوني اذكر بداية ان الازمة السورية ابتدأت في منتصف شهر اذار/مارس 2011. نعم في بداية عام 2011. وتذكروا هذا التاريخ جيدا بعد ان ابدأ بسرد حقيقة المشبوهين الغربيين الذين ظهروا في نهاية عام 2015. وخلال عامين اعلنوا انهم انقذوا سوريا من الهزيمة والتقسيم.

كما يجب ان اذكر ايضا ان المؤامرة على سوريا كانت تعتمد بالدرجة الاولى على نظرية "البلتزكريج", اي مفاجئة الخصم (الدولة السورية) بهجوم ساحق على عدة مستويات تؤدي الى شلل مؤسسات الدولة وانهيارها السريع. تماما كما حدث في تونس ومصر في بداية ما سمي بالربيع العربي. وبالتالي فان الدولة السورية كانت محتاجة للتضامن والمساعدة في الاشهر والسنوات الاولى للازمة.

ان الحرب الاعلامية كانت على اشدها منذ ما قبل اندلاع الازمة وكان المطلوب من اصدقاء سوريا الحقيقيين التحرك بسرعه لفضح المؤامرة في بداية عام 2011. لذلك وعندما قام الناشطون من اصدقاء سوريا الحقيقيين بتنظيم حملات الدفاع عن سوريا, تعرضوا الى ما تعرضوا له من اعتداءات وتهديدات.

هذه المقدمة كانت مهمه لتسليط الضوء على حقيقة ان سوريا واجهت اكثر الاوقات صعوبة في العامين الاولين للازمة. فالمتامرون سخروا مليارات الدولارات ومئات الاف الارهابيين ومئات وسائل الاعلام لتمرير اكاذيب ان ما كان يحدث في سوريا هو ثورة سلمية في مواجهة نظام دكتاتوري قاتل لشعبه. كمقدمة لتسهيل تفسخ الدولة السورية (كما حدث في تونس ومصر واليمن) او كمقدمة لتدخل غربي عسكري كما حدث في ليبيا.

كما انه من النافل للقول ان الدول المتامرة قد وضعت خطة الف وخطة باء وخطة جيم, للتعامل مع اي فشل لاي من الخطط الاولية. وهذا ما حصل.

وهذا يفسر كيف فجأة وبدون انذار ظهرت مجموعات "ناشطين" من شخصيات لم يسبق لها ان عملت في الشأن السوري او اطلعت على طبيعة المجتمع السوري. هذا الظهور المتاخر في منتصف عام 2014 يرسم الف سؤال وسؤال, من مثل:
- لماذا هذا التاخر المريب في الظهور على المسرح السوري, بعد ان فشلت المؤامرة في احداث انهيار شامل للدولة؟
- كيف من لم يزر سوريا ابدا في حياته اصبح خبيرا في الشأن السوري وضليعا بخفايا المجتمع السوري؟
- لماذا عادى هؤلاء الناشطون المتاخرون كل مجموعات الدعم الحقيقية التي ظهرت منذ اليوم الاول للازمة؟
- من اين حصلت هذه المجاميع المتاخرة على كل الدعم الذي مكنها من تصدر المشهد وتنظيم شبكات الدعم والتحرك بحرية بين الدول ونقل اموال طائلة الى داخل سوريا بعيدا عن اعين الدولة السورية؟
- السؤال الاهم هو ماذا استفادت سوريا من كل هذه المجاميع التي ظهرت على مسرح الاحداث بعد ان اجتازت الدولة السورية مرحلة الخطر وبدأت باستعادة زمام الامور والهجوم المعاكس وتحرير ما تم احتلاله من المجاميع الارهابية المتوحشة؟

فظهور فانيسا بيلي وايفا بارتليت وجميع افراد خليتها المتاخر المتزامن مع بدء معركة تحرير حلب, جاء متاخرا كثيرا ولم يحقق اي فائدة تذكر للدولة السورية والشعب السوري. فالدولة السورية كانت بحاجة لهذا الظهور عندما احتلت المجاميع الارهابية مناطق واسعة من حلب وليس عندما اندحرت منها. وفي عام 2015 عند ظهور هذه الخلايا المنظمة المشبوهة في سوريا, كانت الدولة السورية قد حررت الكثير من المناطق الاستراتيجية (القصير والقلمون الشرقي ومناطق واسعه من الغوطة ووو). كما ان الحليف الروسي بدأ تدخلا عسكريا حاسما لتدمير الارهاب واعلن انه لن يسمح بتدمير سوريا. وبالتالي وفي لحظة ظهور هذه الخلايا المشبوهة, كانت الكفة راجحة للدولة السورية ونهاية الازمة اصبحت قاب قوسين او ادنى. وظهور هذه الخلايا المشبوهة لم يحقق شيئا ملموسا, سوى اخذ الصور مع المسؤولين السوريين والادعاء الكاذب بانقاذ سوريا من التقسيم.

كان يمكن لهذه الشخصيات لو كانت صادقة ان تلعب دورا في اغاثة الشعب السوري بمساعدة بعض ضحايا الارهاب النازحين من بيوتهم او العائدين الى بيوت دمرها الارهاب. ولكن هؤلاء سلكوا طريقا اخر شائن بتهريب مئات الاف الدولارات بعيدا عن اعين السلطات السورية. ويحق لنا ان نسأل الان: لمن هربت (بضم الهاء) هذه الاموال ولاي هدف؟

كما تزامن هذا الظهور المتاخر مع بدء اعتراف الدول المشاركة بالمؤامرة ان هناك ارهابا في سوريا, وان هذا الارهاب قد ينتشر الى كل العالم. هذا الاعتراف الذي يعتبر في نظر الكثيرين اعترافا بهزيمة المؤامرة ومشروع تدمير الدولة السورية كمقدمة لتقسيمها وتقسيم المنطقة. وبرايي وراي الكثيرين فان هذا الظهور المتاخر في هذه اللحظة هو الخطة "ب" للدول المتامرة على سوريا لتحقق ولو جزء من المؤامرة.

الدول المتامرة وعلى راسها الولايات المتحدة ادركت تماما ان الفرصة الذهبية لاختراق سوريا على اكثر من مستوى قد لا يتكرر بعد انتهاء الازمة وعودة الدولة للسيطرة على كامل اراضيها ومقدراتها. ولذلك فقد كان من المهم لاجهزة الاستخبارات الغربية ان تقوم بزرع خلايا تجسسية واختراق المجتمع السوري متسللة تحت مسميات "التضامن مع سوريا" و "الدفاع عن سوريا" و "كشف حقيقة المؤامرة على سوريا" بعد ان ادركت هذه الدول ان المؤامرة لن تحقق تدمير الدولة السورية. وهذا يفسر سر مئات الاف الدولارات المهربة الى سورية لشراء ذمم سوريين معدمين او تجار حروب او عملاء ينتظرون شراء ذممهم. والمعلومات الموثقة التي قدمناها للسلطات السورية عمن هرب الاموال ولمن دفعت ولماذا دفعت, بالوثائق والمستندات وشهادة شهود العيان كافية لكشف الكثير من الخلايا النائمة التي تم تجنيدها ومن جندها.

وهنا يحق لنا ولكل محبي سوريا ان نسأل كيف اصبحت فانيسا بيلي وايفا بارتليت وجانيس كورتكامب خبراء في الشان السوري حتى قبل ان تطأ ارجلهم ارض سوريا. بل اننا نؤكد ان معظم هؤلاء وبسبب جهلهم وقلة ثقافتهم ما زالوا يجهلون الف باء السياسة السورية وطبيعه البلد, برغم زيارتهم لسوريا مرارا ولمدد طويلة. ومعظمهم ما زال يردد كالببغاوات كليشيهات عامة (يبدو انهم تعلموها على يد نفس المدرب) الغاية منها ان يحصلوا على اعجاب وتقدير الدولة السورية ومحبيها ومؤيدي سياستها. ان كل هذه الاسماء لم تقدم اي رواية مقنعه ومحترفة قد تلفت انتباه اي وسيلة اعلام عامة محترمة او مركز ابحاث محترم. ولهذا فان جل ما قدمه هذا الفريق هو تكرار ممجوج لشعارات العامة من مؤيدي الدولة لم يقدم او يؤخر في كسب الرأي العام العالمي وكشف حقيقة المؤامرة على سورية. والواضح ان كل ما كانوا يسعون اليه هو شهرة بين مؤيدي الدولة السورية تستخدم لاحقا كمنصة للانقضاض على الدولة في اللحظة المناسبة, تماما كما فعلت قناة الجزيرة القطرية بعد ان كسبت شعبية عارمة بعد تسويق مقولة "الحيادية" و "الراي والرأي الاخر" و "الشفافية المطلقة في الاحتراف المهني".

ثم ياتي التساؤل الاكبر عن سبب معاداة هؤلاء ومنذ ظهورهم لكل اصدقاء سوريا الحقيقيين الفعالين ومنذ بداية الازمة. فلماذا عادى هؤلاء المشبوهين العائلة قاضي والتي كان لها فضلا كبيرا ومنذ بداية الازمة في كشف حقيقة المؤامرة ووضعها في سياقها التاريخي لتدرج تامر الدول الغربية على محور المقاومة. فبدلا من التعاون لتوحيد جهود فضح المؤامرة, شن هؤلاء المشبوهون حملة بلا هوادة ضد العائلة متهمين اياها مرة بالعمالة للموساد ومرة بالوهابية. وقد اخبرت شخصيا من قبل احد هؤلاء بان العائلة وهابية متطرفة. ولم يخبرني هذا الجهبذ كيف يمكن لوهابية ان لا ترتدي النقاب او الحجاب على اقل تقدير. وكيف يمكن لوهابي ان يمدح الزعيم جمال عبد الناصر.

ثم شن هؤلاء المشبوهون هجوما حادا على كل اصدقاء سوريا الحقيقيين من ابنائها او مؤيديها بدءا بهجوم عفن على نعسان ترك وزاك الصواف وكيلي المقدسي وانتهاء بحضرة جنابي.

منذ منتصف 2015 ونحن نتعرض لهجوم تلو الاخر من مجموعه المشبوهين. وبدلا من معاونتنا بجمع تبرعات لسوريا (اوصلنا حتى الان عشرات الاف الدولارات وتبرعات عينية من ملابس وعكاكيز وحرامات..), قامت مجموعه المشبوهين بحملات تشويه داعين اصدقاء سوريا لعدم المشاركة في هذه الحملات. ولم نكن لنابه كثيرا لو قاموا هم بحملات جمع تبرعات. بل لكنا دعمناهم والغينا حملاتنا المتكررة.

اذا فالاجندات واضحه لمجموعه المشبوهين: تدمير شبكات الدفاع الحقيقية عن سوريا, وبالتالي حرمان سوريا من الاستفادة من خدمات الصادقين من محبيها. في مقابل تقديم انفسهم كمدافعين عن سوريا وكسب تاييد وتعاطف الدولة والشعب السوري لتسهيل مهمة اختراق المجتمع السوري وتجنيد عملاء ومخبرين لاجهزة الاستخبارات الغربية المعادية.

اجهزة الاستخبارات الغربية المعادية اعتمدت في نجاح مخططاتها بارسال هؤلاء المشبوهين لاقامة شبكات تجسس وخلايا نائمةعلى عدة امور:
- ضعف الدولة السورية وانشغال الاجهزة الامنية بمحاربة مئات الاف الارهابيين في سوريا, مما سهل تسرب مجموعه كبيرة من المشبوهين الى سوريا.
- ضعف الاقتصاد السوري وبالتالي ترحيب السلطات السورية باي دعم مادي قد يقدمه هؤلاء "الناشطين" ولو كانوا متاخرين كثيرا على قاعده "ان تاتي متاخرا خير من ان لا تاتي مطلقا".
- القاعدة العربية الثابته "الافرنجي برنجي", اي انبهار الشعوب العربية (والسلطات العربية) باي شيئ غربي دون التدقيق اللازم.

والسؤال الاهم الذي يبرهن بما لا يدع مجالا للشك على اجندات هؤلاء المشبوهة هو: من اين اتى هؤلاء الناشطون الفقراء الذين لم يعملوا في اي وظيفة خلال عقد من الزمان بكل الاموال التي تمكنهم من السفر المتكرر بين دولهم وسوريا والاقامة في سوريا لاشهر وفي فنادق خمس نجوم وانشائهم مواقع اخبارية واذاعات رقمية؟

فانا وبعد كل زيارة الى سوريا, احتاج الى اشهر لاسدد الديون المتراكمة علي بسبب هذه الزيارة. وكل من يعمل معنا في الشبكة معدمون فقراء لانشغالهم بالشان العام واهمالهم للامور المادية. كل ذلك دون ان نسافر عدة مرات بين كندا والولايات المتحدة وبريطانيا وسوريا ولبنان والمكسيك والاقامه اشهر في كل دولة وفي فنادق خمس نجوم. ناهيك عن ادخال مئات الاف الدولارات وتوزيعها سرا على عملاء مجندين.

ثم ياتي السؤال الاخير وهو: ماذا استفادت سوريا فعليا من ظهور هؤلاء المتاخر على الساحة السورية؟

الجواب البسيط: لا شيء. فسوريا عام 2015 كانت قد تجاوزت الخطر باسقاط الدولة وتقسيمها. والمؤامرة كانت قد بدأت خيوطها تظهر للجميع واضطرت حكومات الدول المتامرة للاعتراف بوجود الارهاب في سوريا. والحليف الروسي كان قد بدا هجوما عسكريا واسعا لتدمير اوكار الارهاب وتمكين الدولة السورية من استعادة الاراضي التي فقدتها. وقصص الثورة السلمية باتت ممجوجة لا يصدقها احد. فما فائدة ما قام به هؤلاء المشبوهون؟

حتى ادعاءات ان هؤلاء المشبوهين ساعدوا في كشف حقيقة ما يحدث هو ادعاء كاذب. فبدون التعاون مع وسائل الاعلام العامة, تكون روايات هؤلاء وشهاداتهم المؤيدة للدولة السورية بلا فائدة. فعندما تنشر ايفا بارتليت مقالا على احدى المواقع الوهمية التي تديرها هي او رفيقتها بالتجسس فانيسا بيلي, فان عدد القراء لن يتجاوز الف او الفين. ومعظمهم من اصدقاء سوريا المطلعين على الوضع والمصدقين للرواية الرسمية السورية. حتى ظهور لمرة او مرتين على شاشات تلفزيونات فضائية مؤيدة للدولة السورية كالفضائية الروسية او الايرانية, فهو ايضا محدود الاهمية باعتبار ان الراي العالمي الغربي لا يتابع فضائيات وخصوصا فضائيات معادية كما يصورها النظام الغربي.

دون اشراك وسائل اعلام عامة محلية كل في بلده (بريطانيا, كندا, امريكا, استراليا...) فالتاثير على الراي العام الغربي محدود جدا ويكاد يكون معدوما. وكل هؤلاء المشبوهين لم يكن لهم اي تواجد في وسائل الاعلام العامة الغربية.

كما ان ادعاء هؤلاء المشبوهين انهم انقذوا سوريا من الهلاك هو احتقار لتضحيات الشعب السوري والجيش العربي السوري والقيادة في سوريا. كما ان هذا الادعاء الوقح هو احتقار لعلي العلي الذي تلقى رصاصات الحقد الوهابي بسبب نشاطه لدعم سوريا في قلب مدينة سيدني. وهو احتقار لتضحيات علي ديوب وعلي العيساوي والحريري وغيرهم ممن فقد محل رزقه او تعرض لهجوم غادر بسبب مواقفه من الازمة. كما انه ادعاء وقح يبصق عليه طفلي خالد الذي اضطر ليعيش في رعب تام لاكثر من 5 سنوات بسبب نشاطاتي في فضح الارهاب في سوريا.

الى جواسيس السي اي ايه اقول: اجنداتكم فضحت. فارحلوا عن بلادنا. فالحج في غير زمانه حرام ومضيعة للوقت, وقد يكون لتحقيق اجندات التجارة بالمبادئ من اجل مصالح خاصة.

Saturday, September 16, 2017


On 25 June 2013, I attended an event at the Syrian Orthodox Church in Lidcomble, in honour of the visit of Mother Agnes to Australia. During the event and light dinner, I was approached by Hanadi Assoud, a prominent Syrian activist in Sydney. She whispered to me that the "Syrian Consul" wants to meet me.

I answered in shock "do you have a Consul in Australia?"

"Yes we have an Honorary Consul"

She introduced me to Maher Dabbagh, the Syrian Honorary Consul in Australia, appointed after the closure of Syrian embassy in Canberra.

I asked him why he wanted to meet me.

"Syrian ministry of Foreign Affairs asked me about you and wanted me to contact you".

We exchanged details, contact numbers and vowed to work together in future. I did not know much about him. Even my contacts in Syrian community could not give me any clear answers.

After one week, I contacted Maher by phone. I told him that we have an idea of sending an Australian delegation to Syria for "solidarity and fact-finding". The call was a lengthy one, as he showed a lot of interest.

I concluded the call by letting him know that I am able to organise the delegation, but would welcome cooperation with the representative of Syria in Australia.

The Honorary Consul asked me to come and meet him at the consulate. He asked me to come alone to discuss the idea and decide who to invite and who to involve later.

I went to meet him. As I was still receiving death threats and anti-terrorism agencies advised I should always have a companion if I attend any night activity, I asked a friend (Abu Ali Wazney) to go with me.

Arriving at the Consulate, I got a shock. Maher had invited four other persons to a meeting that was supposed to be discreet. Hanadi Assoud, Ahmad Isa, Tim Anderson and Marlene Obied were invited.
The meeting was unnecessarily tense. Tim Anderson was opposing everything I suggested. I suggested the delegation go during September (cheap flights and perfect weather in Syria). Tim wanted it to be during December. I interjected, as December always had big chance of getting snow in Syria and Lebanon. We decided to leave it to Maher. I also suggested some names to the delegation: John Shipton (Wikileaks), Dave Smith (Anglican church), Muslim religious leaders, businessmen supporters of Syria and some activists. Tim again interjected and suggested that we provide Maher with all names and he will decide.

I stressed that we need to meet at later stage to discuss the progress of the idea, especially as it was my idea from the outset and that I had offered assistance in organising it. Maher agreed and said he will arrange for another meeting soon after he gets some answers from Syria.

For the next two months, I received no notification from Maher. The WikiLeaks party decided to participate and send at least two from its National Council: John Shipton and myself. I contacted Maher and told him that I need to know soon about the delegation and that if he cannot organise it, I will do that. He asked me to come and meet him at the Consulate.

We met at the end of September (2013), he told me that most likely the visit will be during mid November. As I cannot leave my family behind in Australia in case extremists might try to attack them during my visit to Syria, I decided that the best solution was to travel to Jordan and leave them there.

In Jordan, I waited for a whole month for confirmation from Maher. He never answered my phone calls or my emails. I then decided to return to Australia and organise the delegation later.

Suddenly, Maher contacted me and told me that the delegation will arrive in Damascus in early December. John Shipton said he will be in Europe for a conference and he will join from there. Later, Maher confirmed the date to be 18 December 2013, and that he will contact me to let me know the details. John asked to add Gail Malone to the delegation. Maher agreed.

John and Gail arrived in Jordan on 17 December during the worst snow storm in the Middle East. For the next 48 hours Maher and his team were out of contact. Tim Anderson was delegated to coordinate the travel of people. His phone was sometimes responsive, but when asked about how we will arrive to Syria, he did not respond.

We had no alternative left but to seek help from the Syrian Embassy in Jordan. To our shock, the Consul at the Embassy confirmed that their Embassy was not aware of our delegation and that, after contacting the Foreign ministry in Damascus, they too were not aware of our delegation. He tried to help in confirming whether we had been issued a visa, but with no luck. He suggested that we have only one option: to fly to Beirut and head to Syria.

And this is what happened. We booked flights to Beirut and chartered a taxi from Beirut to Damascus. We could not fly on 18 December. We were at the airport in Amman on 19 December when we received a phone call from Maher. He asked us why we did not arrive the day before. We said that we had contacted both Tim and him more than 70 times and that they did not answer at all. He told us that he will send some people to the Lebanese-Syrian border to welcome us.

Arriving at the Dama Rose Hotel in Damascus, the atmosphere was already tense for some reason. To our sheer surprise, we learnt that the delegation arrival was coordinated with the Syrian Ministry for Higher Education. All along I had been informed that this delegation was being organised with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Any rational person would expect that a delegation of politicians and activists arriving in Syria to show solidarity and to fact-find on what is really happening there would have been coordinated with either the Ministry for Foreign Affairs or the Ministry for Information. I was puzzled as why the Ministry for Higher Education was involved, until Maher told us that he chose Tim Anderson to be the head of delegation. The normal protocols applicable were that the head of a political party, in this case WikiLeaks’John Shipton would have been the leader and not have involved the Higher Education Ministry and an academic being the head.

Tim Anderson, with his controversial past and lack of prior knowledge or connection to Syria, was definitely the wrong person to head the first Australian solidarity delegation of politicians and activists aimed to force the Australian media to report truthfully about Syria.

Every day of our stay in Damascus was both a struggle and marred with intense arguments. The delegation was divided into two sections that never interacted: the Hands Off Syria and the Wikileaks party people. All Wikileaks members were treated badly, kept in dark about activities and never consulted about any aspect of the visit. Maher coordinated with Hands Off Syria every aspect of the visit: meetings, activities and even gifts to Syrian officials. On different occasions John Shipton became very angry and vocal with Maher, highlighting what he saw as deception, among other things.

I had information that the Syrian president had agreed to meet the delegation because of the Wikileaks party officials' participation in the delegation. At that stage of the war, the president did not have the habit of meeting amateur activists or even academics. He only met politicians and well-known journalists in arranged interviews.

It was very clear that Tim Anderson and Maher Dabbagh designed the delegation to suite their agendas and interests, not the agendas and interests of supporting Syria. This was evident in the secrecy with which the delegation was formed, despite the fact that the whole idea was mine and, despite the fact that we, the Wikileaks party officials were the most important members of the delegation. We were kept in dark about all aspects of the delegation and its program.

Tim Anderson whispered to me during our stay in Damascus that prior to 2012, he had no idea where Syria is located on the map. Despite this, he was appointed for no apparent reason or consultation with us, to head the delegation. You can imagine the embarrassment of the Syrian President when Australian media started attacking Tim for his controversial past as spokesperson for an organisation that had been identified as an organisation conducting during his time, over a period of at least a decade, a minimum of 60 terrorist acts around the world, and for being in jail for years because of this association.

The embarrassment of the Syrian President was not merely felt when the Australian media began its attack on us and Tim. The embarrassment in fact, occurred much earlier. At the beginning of the meeting with the President, the President asked John Shipton to sit next to him. After being seated by the President himself, Maher and in clear embarrassment for the Syrian President asked John to vacate the seat and asked Tim to sit in it.

As if that wasn’t enough. Prior to the meeting with the President, Maher told us that the protocol guys at the President's office asked the delegation to limit the questions to the President to just two. Maher decided, again without any consultation, that Tim and John will deliver these two questions. After Tim and John asked their questions, the President asked if any of us had any comment or question. We were in limbo and we did not know what to do. We were told by Maher that there should be only 2 questions. But the President was willing to hear more than 2 questions and a couple of comments. Only Gail dared to break our promise to Maher of asking no questions. The President was very happy to hear the question and answer it. Just prior and after the meeting, the President spoke to me in Arabic, asking me questions about Australia and the WikiLeaks Party and, during the meeting, he asked me to translate a phrase that he forgot in English and also asked me to explain a few things to the delegates. Years later, Tim complained to the Kadis that I had been rude by speaking with the President in Arabic.

The whole visit was a nightmare to the point that John Shipton felt he needed to argue with Maher on a daily basis, several times. Several times he was shouting at Maher and telling him to “piss off”.

We came to understanding that Maher and Tim were happy to borrow our names and representation as officials of a registered Australian political party to secure the visit and the meetings with high profile Syrian officials. But at the same time, they did not want to give us any role in the visit and its success.

Maher and Tim knew very well that [at that time] the President, the PM and many important ministers would not agree to meet an academic and few irrelevant "activists". In following visits Maher organised for Tim and few of his "activists", they struggled to secure meetings with any important political official.

Tim until now is still irrelevant when it comes to the topic of Syria in the Australian mainstream media and public life. He gained some popularity among pro-Syrian activists and supporters. Instead of promoting the Syrian cause with this limited popularity, Tim used this popularity, built upon the suffering of Syrians and allegedly upon Syrian’s tax-payers money, to attack what he sees as rivals rather than colleagues and to discredit their campaigns.

To date, while the popularity of Tim on social media among Syria supporters developed because of his visit to Syria and the promotion of his book by Syrian media, he did not use this popularity to return the favour. To date, it appears that all he does to Syria is to visit Syria on possibly Syria-state sponsored holidays. It is possible that he spends no one cent. And, if this is correct then this is at the cost of needy Syrian people.

Recently, he joined the Christian Zionists campaign to discredit genuine Syria supporters. He is using his childish illustration charts (the charts remind me of my early primary studies and of those in schools in third world countries mid last century) to attack genuine Syria activists. And he uses these childish charts to try to convince people of twisted “facts” about a "leading war journalist" that was never on the frontline, or "independent journalists that deflated the mainstream media" when in fact these "journalists" were never heard of before by any non-Syrian supporters.

At all times, Tim, in my opinion, was liability for any cause. Thank God he was never near the Palestine cause. Now, media and politicians are easily attacking Syria and the movement that defends Syria is taunted by the media for having among its ranks a “prominent Syria supporter” such a person of a controversial background. The involvement of Tim with the Syria campaign has had a negative impact on Syria and its people. It benefited only Tim and his allies of Christian Zionist background and recently neo-Nazis.

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

How to become political analyst and journalist in one week?

The serious mishap happened at one of the respected satellite channels few weeks ago of presenting a 19 years old school leaver as “political analyst and researcher”, exposes clearly many serious issues we face in this social media era.

The school leaver who did not finish his year 10 schooling and working currently as laborer in Sydney, had no single published article on any subject that could interest any reader. He also did not have any experience working in any media organisation, even as cleaner. He also had never worked in any research institute or organisation. All he achieved was to film himself with his IPhone talking about Israeli crimes in Gaza. Then he published these childish clips on his Facebook account. This exercise made him “researcher and political analysts” and landed him many interviews with the same respected satellite TV station.

So, what does it takes you to become “journalist”, “researcher”, “expert” and “political analyst”?

All what you need to do is to go to the nearest shop selling smart phones. Purchase a smart phone. Go home and create Facebook page. If you create Twitter account, that will be a bonus. You need to focus on the audience you want to deceive. If you want to deceive people on Syrian crisis issue, send your invitation to anyone who has Syrian flag or Syrian president poster as profile picture. Then you can share as many articles and news as possible on the issue. It is better if you copy and paste these articles, so that you can give impression that you wrote these articles. Save and republish pictures. By doing this, you fool people and give them impression that you are journalist and have a lot of networks on the ground.

Continue like this for one week. You can change introduction about yourself on your timeline and call yourself anything you wish “investigative journalist”, researcher”, “”expert”... almost anything.

Once I wanted to prove that Facebook is just virtual imagined community that absorbs anything. I changed my profession on Timeline into “astronaut” working for “NASA”. Guess what? No one had challenged me. People who personally know me sent me private message with some “hahaha” or “lol”. The rest believed that I am astronaut working for NASA.

Why wasting 4 years study at university for a degree in media and journalism. Why waiting Murdoch to employ you in one of his organisations. You can educate yourself, employ yourself and become high-profile expert with tens of thousands of “friends and followers”.

One of the guys in Sydney who stopped with his education at year 2 of primary education, convinced people in Sydney that he is “journalist” and “strategic analyst”. Some of his followers are calling him “doctor” (assuming that he has PHD in politics or media). He even claims on his timeline that he had finished BA in Art at UNSW. When in fact he cannot construct a sentence in any language.

This is a dilemma facing our generation.

We thought that the appearance of alternative media will make things more transparent and truthful. When in fact it made things even worse, where people needs a smart phone and a Facebook account to fabricate news and events.

Of course I am not writing about this because of fun only. The issue is very dangerous and could have serious implications. Some of these “smart phones” experts could infiltrate organisations, communities and political systems to achieve destructive agendas. Of course some of these fake experts are harmless and doing this for either fun, being bored at retirement age or because of mental health problems. What concerns us are the “professional” fake experts who fake their statuses, expertise and professional abilities for deeply destructive agendas. This agendas could include spying, stealing money online... etc

I cannot find any solution for this dilemma. And I do not think that anyone has. But I deeply believe that if we give the liar enough rope, he/she will hang themselves with it. But sometimes, this happens late after many victims suffers.

It is the tax we need to pay for advanced technology we enjoy.