Friday, March 24, 2017

London terrorist attack: another reason why we need a Royal Commission on radicalisation

Despite being on high alert, the UK authorities were not able to stop the deadly terrorist attack in London yesterday. This event should have a great impact on how our authorities deal with local radicalisation.

In the UK (same as in Australia), the government together with authorities and opposition, acknowledged there was a problem with radicalisation but chose not to take any action against it. Some sections of the media and politicians even used this radicalisation to stir up division and more Islamophobia in our society.

In the last few years, in Australia, there has been no debate on where the source of this sudden “discovered” high radicalisation came from. We saw both the minister and shadow minister of education claim they had no prior knowledge of the high radicalisation in our public (and Islamic) schools. When in fact, myself and many of my friends, knew about this high radicalisation.

We had grave concerns when we witnessed our media, together with our politicians, support terrorism in Syria under the false banner of supporting the “Syrian revolution". It is a fact that every terror attack both in Australia and around the world, has been perpetrated by supporters of the so called Syrian revolution or by terrorists returned after participating in the Syrian revolution.

After all the terrorist attacks on home soil and the heightened alert, still to this day, our authorities have not taken any practical steps towards de-radicalisation. Extreme centres are still allowed to preach hate, mosques managed by extremists remain open, extreme Imams haven’t been deported and funding to extreme organisations is still active.

So far all we have seen from our authorities is the arrest of a few radicals just before they commit terror attacks or immediately after they have committed one. We have seen plenty of rhetoric without any meaningful action.

This lack of actions from our authorities towards radicalisation is due partly to the fact that extremist have become a very powerful lobby in this country. No government, no major party and no politician can take meaningful steps against the source of radicalisation. The radicals have infiltrated our political system, media and education system.

We believe that the only solution is to form a royal commission to reveal who allowed the radicalisation to infiltrate in our system at all levels. A royal commission, with its power to grant immunity and protection for witnesses and experts, will have a better chance to explore and reveal the reality of this sudden-discovered high radicalisation.

A royal commission can:

• Investigate how radicals infiltrated political parties and parachuted their preferred candidates on parties in safe seats.
• Investigate how terrorists were able to easily travel without passports to join the fight in Syria.
• Reveal how the authorities were actively engaging in bullying campaigns to silence anti-extremism campaigners to the point of conspiring with foreign authorities (in my case to ban me from entering Lebanon).
• Reveal how Saudi Arabia and other foreign countries were able to infiltrate our universities, schools, media and political parties.
• Explain how Australia found itself populated by thousands of hardcore radicals who are working very hard to kill our citizens and spread chaos in our beautiful country.
• Investigate how our media, especially state-funded ones, were actively spreading radicalisation by falsely reporting on what was happening in other countries, especially Syria and Libya.
• Explore how government departments are funding extremist organisations with millions of dollars and discover the extent of radicalisation achieved with such funds.

A royal commission will be able to give answers and recommendations.

A royal commission is our only hope to find out what went wrong and how to correct past mistakes. Without assertive de-radicalisation steps, we are dealing with symptoms and not with the real cause.

Without a royal commission and its findings, radicals and their foreign financiers will continue their infiltration of our political system, media and schools.

They will have enough money to build more mosques, centres and schools to continue radicalising our youth.

A royal commission is the only meaningful step to stop the blame game between the minister for education and the shadow minister on what is happening in our public schools.

We will mount a campaign demanding a royal commission to start a meaningful de-radicalisation plan. Such plan is vital not only to prevent terrorist attacks in Australia, but it is also important to start a campaign to restore faith in our authorities and the system.

We need to restore security and social harmony in our community and the only way to achieve this is through a royal commission.

Thursday, March 09, 2017

When Pauline Hanson refused to meet with us to discuss radicalisation..

Pauline Hanson's latest comments about Islam and Muslims are further evidence that she is another lying politician who cannot be trusted.

Pauline Hanson deafened our ears for the last decade talking about extremism and radicalisation. Yet when we contacted her office several times offering to combine efforts in fighting against radicalisation, she just ignored our calls.

Since her election last July, we sent her two letters inviting her for a meeting to discuss radicalisation and extremism. We contacted her on 25 July 2016 and 15 February 2017. On both occasions, we received no reply (attached are the letters we sent)

Hanson’s main campaign election platform was to fight extremism. So when she refuses to meet one of the strongest voices fighting extremism, what does this tell you? Simple, it was just a mere empty election promise only to gain votes!

Pauline Hanson wants to show herself as a politician promoting transparency, clean politics and national security. So far what we are seeing from her is just more divisive rhetoric. As yet we have not seen any of her election promises in action.

Ms Hanson's empty racist and Islamophobic rhetoric will not benefit anyone in the community. Her racist and divisive rhetoric will not prevent terrorist attacks. It will not help in de-radicalisation efforts. And definitely will not help our national security.

Her divisive rhetoric will not improve housing affordability and employment security. And of course it will not repair social division and will not improve social harmony.

We would like here to publicly challenge Ms Hanson to show her true colour: if you are against extremism, let us work together. But if you want to use extremism for cheap electoral gains, we will be the first to fight against your destructive agendas and platforms.

Thursday, March 02, 2017

Why I support the ban on face coverings

The debate on whether to ban the face covering has reached a point where there is talk of introducing a private members’ bill to ban it.

First and foremost I want to mention that as a Muslim, I support the bill.

Should the bill be designed only to help improve national security and to prevent terrorist attacks, then most Muslims would welcome the ban.

My concern is that members who introduced and support the ban have done so, to inflame islamophobia for electoral gains.

The reason I support the ban is as follows:

• Under the current circumstances of high extremism and high security scare of terrorist attacks on home soil, the ban could help in preventing security scare and calm fear in the community. It will help security agencies monitor extremists and might prevent attacks.

• Contrary to claims made by extremists, the burqa and the niqab are not part of the original teachings of Islam.

• There is no doubt that wearing the burqa or the niqab is an indication of extreme conservative ideology. Almost all terrorists arrested and convicted of terrorism-related charges believe so and have their female family members wearing this kind of face covering.

Having said this, I do believe the ban itself won’t bring security to this nation nor it will reduce the chance of terrorist attacks. This ban should be part of a wide-range strategy to fight extremism.

Politicians who are using the ban to stir islamophobia will in fact achieve the opposite. This ban and the growing islamophobia that accompany the debate will be used by extreme organisations to lure more youth into the rhetoric of hate. This will serve as golden opportunity for extreme organisations to recruit more terrorists.

What is more concerning is that political parties are talking tough on fighting extremism but their actions show quite the opposite.

For the last 3 years, major political parties were talking tough on fighting extremism, but were sending the opposite message by siding with terrorist organisations in Syria.

Even various local governments and major political parties are still to this day, strengthening their ties with local extreme organisations by increasing funding and inviting these organisations to all kind of consultations and events. At the same time, genuine and fierce anti-extremist organisations and individuals are still ignored and deprived of any funding.

While I and many other Muslims support the ban, we would be however reluctant to publicly support it for the above mentioned reasons. We are concerned the ban, together with other rhetoric, is designed to stir more Islamophobia in the society. With no clear de-radicalisation plan, the effect of our support to such ban will have many negative impacts.

I and many in the community welcome any engagement with any political party or group to discuss the effectiveness of such move on de-radicalising of our youth. We also are very open to cooperate with these politicians to combine efforts to fight against extremism.

The majority of Muslims in Australia have a deep feeling of belonging to this nation and share a deep fear of possible terrorist attacks. Many Muslims, including myself, were victims of attacks by extremists. We need to deal with this issue with a lot of sensitivity and not stir up more Islamophobia.

Politics of mere populism will not make Australia immune to terror attacks, quite the contrary. The same policies in France resulted in more terrorism and insecurity.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Media hystirical biased reporting on Aleppo encourages sectarian violence in Sydney

The hysteria around the news from Syria created by our media and politicians, has once again inflamed sectarian tension in the streets of Sydney.
Such tensions take me back to the dark days in 2012 and 2013 when Muslim extremist had spread chaos in Australia by leading campaigns of extortion, bullying and assaulting anyone who opposed the Syrian “revolution”.

The media biased reporting on Aleppo, siding with Al-Qaeda terrorists, has once again sent the wrong message in all directions. Such irresponsible reporting has been the driving force behind the recent assaults and threats on community activists and leaders who support the Syrian and Russian anti-terrorism efforts.

I’ve started receiving threats (see one of them attached) from extremist who support terrorists in Aleppo. I’ve also been alerted to other similar threats and verbal assaults on other anti-extremism activist.

Such threats will be reported to the local police station. I have also advised other activists to report all threats and verbal assaults at their local police stations. Many anti-extremist who are fed up with the lack of support by authorities, have decided to take the law into their own hands and take an “eye for eye” approach.

We seriously believe that the lack of action by authorities in cracking down on extremists and the media support for terrorist in Syria, will lead to events that could well get out of hand.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Banana republic: Neil Parkash affairs

We should be panicked learning details of Neil Paraksh farce.

So few months ago, our PM announced the death of this terrorist in our parliament...

But we know now that few weeks ago, our ASIO contacted Turkey and informed them that Parkash is trying to enter Turkey...

And not announcing anything until few days ago, Australians were informed through media, and not authorities, that Parkash is still alive...

Then authorities confirmed that Parkash citizenship will not be cancelled and soon he will be back to Australia...

What conclusions we should reach...

The only conclusion I can reach is that our authorities are managing these terrorists... know where they are... what they intend to do... where they intend to travel... and will extradite them to hide them with best hospitality in our jails...

but our authorities do not want us to panic... and need to feel safe...

I feel that I live in Banana republic, despite the fact I warend about this few years ago...

We are documenting these facts in series of documentaries that will be launched soon...

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

بعد ان بعتم كرامة الجالية: الشعب يريد اسقاط المتاجرين بالجالية الاسلامية

"يا أشباه الرجال ولا رجال ، حلوم الاطفال وعقول ربات الحجال، لوددت أني لم أركم ولم أعرفكم معرفة والله جرت ندما وأعقبت سدما، قاتلكم الله لقد ملاتم قلبي قيحا وشحنتم صدري غيظا ، وجرعتموني نغب التهمام أنفاسا"

الامام علي، كرم الله وجهه.

بعد انتهاء الحملة الانتخابية في ولاية نيو ساوث ويلز، لا بد من التوقف مليا عند تفاصيلها ونتائجها والكارثة الاخلاقية التي تمخضت عن دخول "قيادات" الجالية الاسلامية ومنهم معممون ورجال دين علی خطها بالمشاركة العملية في حملة حزب الاحرار العنصري المتطرف، وخصوصا ضد الاسلام والمسلمين.

الكارثة الاخلاقية ابتدات عندما سمح الكثير من مشايخ هذه الجاليات باستباحة جوامعهم ومصلياتهم من قبل مرشحي حزب الاحرار المتطرف والذي طالب قبل اسابيع من الانتخابات بوقف هجرة المسلمين باعتبارهم مجموعة همجية لا تستطيع الاندماج في مجتمع متحضر كالمجتمع الاسترالي.

بعد ذلك تفاقمت الفضيحة الاخلاقية لتصل الی حد نزول مشايخ، بعضهم كان في القريب العاجل هدفا مستمرا لحملات حزب الاحرار تشهيرا وتوبيخا الی حد المطالبة بسحب الجنسية منهم، الی الميدان والمشاركة في المهرجانات الانتخابية في مناطق تواجد الجالية لدعوة ابناء الجاليات الاسلامية للتصويت بشكل مكثف لهذا الحزب المتطرف.

وتوجت الفضائح الاخلاقية عندما ظهرت نتائج الانتخابات، وتبين ان هذه "القيادات" ما هي الا قيادات كرتونية او اصنام خشبية لا تضر ولا تنفع ولا تجد من يستمع لها. ففي مناطق تواجد الجاليات الاسلامية المكثف في اوبرن ولاكمبا وبانكستاون، حيث تمثل الجاليات المسلمة اكثر من ٤٠% من المقعد، فشل كل مرشحي الاحرار حتی في الاقتراب من الفوز في أي من هذه المقاعد.

الآن وبعد انتهاء العملية الانتخابية هذه ، فان الجالية تستحق بعض الاجابات ممن يدعي "قيادتها".

وبداية نحب ان نؤكد ان هذه القيادة هي قيادة غير شرعية لانها غير منتخبة من جهة. ومن جهة اخری فانها لا تمثل تطلعات ابناء الجالية ولم تقدم حلا لاي مشكلة واجهتهم.

ومع هذا، فان الجالية تستحق قليلا من الاحترام باعطائها بعض الاجوبة للاسئلة المتبادرة الی ذهن الكثيرين من ابنائها.

اول ما يتبادر الی ذهن أي مسلم في هذا البلد هو عن الفائدة التي تحققت للجالية من دعوة "قيادييها" للتصويت ضد العمال لصالح الاحرار. وانطلاقا من ان المكتوب يقرا من عنوانه، فان الفائدة الوحيدة مما قام به هذه "القيادات" في هذه الانتخابات هي انها جعلتنا اضحوكة لكل الاستراليين وجعلت منا مادة للتندر ليس في استراليا فقط، بل وحول العالم.

ففي عز الحملة الانتخابية وبينما كانت الاجتماعات السرية والعلنية تعقد بين مسؤولي حزب الاحرار العنصري و "قيادات" الجاليات الاسلامية، كان حزب الاحرار يوجه الاهانة تلو الاهانة لمسلمي استراليا ولدينهم الحنيف. ففي البداية كانت العريضه التي قدمها سناتور حزب الاحرار والمطالبة بوقف هجرة المسلمين الی استراليا لمدة ١٠ سنوات قابلة للتجديد بسبب الخطر الذي يمثلونه علی حضارة وتقدم هذا البلد. ثم جاءت الصفعة الثانية من مسؤول ملف الهجرة في الحزب والذي طالب حزبه بتصعيد حملات التخويف من الاسلام والمسلمين للفوز بالانتخابات الفيديرالية القادمة. ثم توالت الصفعات عندما صرح نائب احراري مسؤول في الحزب بان المشكلة ليست مع مسلمي استراليا، بل المشكلة الاساسية هي مع الاسلام والذي يمثل دينا عنيفا يدعو الی العنف واضطهاد المراة ورفض التعايش. ثم جاءت الصفعة التالية بترشيح الاحرار لاحد مسؤولي حزب امة واحدة سابقا. وانتهت الصفعات عندما قرر حزب الاحرار تبادل الاصوات التفضيلية مع حزب الديمقراطيين المسيحيين المعادي للمسلمين والمطالب بمنع الحجاب ووقف هجرة المسلمين نهائيا الی استراليا.

وبالرغم من كل هذه الصفعات والاهانات للجالية ولدينها الحنيف، الا ان بعض رجال دينها والمدعين "قيادتها" انتفضوا ليدافعوا عمن يسب دينهم ويسفه عقيدتهم.

يحق لابناء الجاليات الاسلامية ان تتسائل عن الفائدة من دعوة "قيادات" الجالية بمكافئة من يسبهم ويسب دينهم ويطالب بترحيلهم من البلد، بالتصويت بشكل مكثف لمرشحي حزب الاحرار العنصري.

وعندما سالناهم لماذا كل هذه التنازلات وبلع الاهانات، اخبرونا ان حزب الاحرار سيكون اكثر كرما معنا وسيعطينا بضعة آلاف من الدولارات اكثر مما كان يعطينا حزب العمال.

يحق لابناء الجاليات الاسلامية ان يتساؤلوا ماذا ينفعهم المزيد من الاموال، ان فقدوا كرامتهم وانسانيتهم وحقوقهم في المواطنة المتساوية

ان هذه القيادات من اشباه الرجال قد رسموا خارطة طريق لكل من يسعی للمجد والشهرة في هذا البلد.

فما علی أي طامح الا سب الجاليات الاسلامية وسب المسلمين واتهامهم بالهمجية واللاانسانية ولا ضير من سب دينهم الحنيف واتهامه بالتحجر ومعاداة حقوق المراة والهمجية والانتشار بحد السيف.

بل ان أي غبي او مافون فاشل في أي مجال من مجالات الحياة يجب ان يتعلم درسا مهما في كيفية ان يصبح عضوا مرموقا في المجتمع بامتطاء ظهر الجاليات المسلمة وسبهم وسب دينهم وتتفيه عقيدتهم والدعوة لقتلهم او وضعهم في معتقلات اعادة تاهيل من اجل التخلص من اللوثات العقلية التي تتنتابهم.

كما يجب ان نتوقع ان كل الحملات الانتخابية القادمة في هذا البلد ستكون مبنية علی سب المسلمين ودينهم الحنيف.

وهنا نتسائل بشكل جدي هل كنا مخطئين عندما رفضنا المشاركة في تاجيج حملات الاسلاموفوبيا خلال الانتخابات، عندما اشترك فيها اكثر من شيخ وعلامة واذاعة اسلامية، بينما كنا مصرين علی كل الصحفيين الاستراليين باننا لا يمكن ان نقبل ان نكون طرفا لاشعال اسلاموفوبيا في الولاية، حتی لو كلفنا ذلك ان لا نحصل علی أي صوت في الانتخابات.

نفس القيادات التي شاركت في تاجيج موضوع الشيخ فايز والذي عالجناه باقل الخسائر للجالية، كانت شاركت في الحملة الانتخابية لحزب الاحرار والتي كان شقها الاكبر معتمد علی استقطاب اصوات العنصريين من خلال سب المسلمين والتشهير بهم.

ما يميز مشاركة هذه "القيادات" وخصوصا المشايخ منهم في حملة حزب الاحرار هو الدعوة للتخلص من حزب العمال بسبب انه مكث طويلا في الحكم. لم يعطونا سببا واحدا او فائدة واحدة من التصويت لحزب الاحرار العنصري، سوی ضرورة تغيير الوجوه لان "المياه ان ركدت لمدة طويلة، اسنت". هذا الكلام جاء من احد القيادات المتربع علی ظهر الجالية لمدة تزيد عن ٣٠ عاما ويرفض التنحي والابتعاد عن المناصب الرسمية، حتی بعد ان شارك، مكرها او بارادته، في حملات تشويه سمعة الجالية.

لا ندافع عن حزب العمال الذي اهمل الولاية كثيرا. ولكن كان امام المسلمين العديد من الطرق لمعاقبة هذا الحزب بطريقة لا تسيئ الی الجالية ومصالحها. من هذه الطرق هو دعم المرشحين المسلمين من مستقلين او العمل علی ترشيح مرشحين عن الجمعيات الاسلامية ضد الاحزاب المعادية لمصالح الجالية.

لكن ما قام به هؤلاء يعتبر فضيحة اخلاقية بكل ما تحمل الكلمة من معاني.

وهنا نقول لابناء الجاليات الاسلامية: حضروا رقابكم لتدوسها بساطير حزب الاحرار العنصري الثقيلة. ان كانوا قد صرحوا بانكم همج وغير متحضرين في عز الحملة الانتخابية، فماذا سيفعلون بعد ان باعكم من يدعون قيادتكم وباعوا كرامتكم وكبريائكم ومصالح اجيالكم القادمة؟

ندرك تماما انه لم يتبق لنا الا ان نعمل علی خلع هذه "القيادات" من الاصنام الخشبية ونعلن انه قد حان الجهر بان: الشعب يريد اسقاط المتاجرين بالجالية الاسلامية!

ملحوظة: نشر هذا المقال في الصحافة العربية منتصف عام 2011... واعيد نشره لان التاريخ يعيد نفسه وتاكد رؤيتنا التي استقراناها قبل اعوام....

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Open letter to Mr Peter Dutton: you need to put your money where your mouth is on the subject of extremism

Dear Hon Peter Dutton, Minister for immigration

I read on your portfolio your latest comments regarding the mass migration of Lebanese Muslims during the 70s. I found your “attack” on Malcolm Fraser’s brave decision to be disgraceful!

While I agree that there is a serious problem with sections of Muslims migrated from north Lebanon, I have to disagree that the reason of this extremism is caused by being born as extremist. There is no evidence of this.
To the contrary, all reliable academic studies indicate that these extremist became like this after decades of intense brainwashing.

Academics have been warning the government about the impact of Wahhabi ideology. I can refer to the countless studies by fine academics who warned the government at the time of John Howard that extremist ideology was spreading thanks to the Saudi embassy which spent $2.7 billion in three decades to promote extremism among our youth.

Instead of taking actions to curb the Saudi spending, your party (through the Howard government) took the strategic decision in 2006, of entering into a strong alliance with Muslim extremist organisations.

These extremist organisations are lead by Lebanese background Muslims. The Howard government, in a bid to divide Muslim vote (largely backing Labor and to lesser extent the Greens), offered millions of dollars in public funding to extreme Muslim organisations. In return these organisations would ask Muslims to vote Liberals.

The effect of this alliance was almost immediate. Lebanese Moslem Association and other organisations of extremists started directing Muslims to vote for your party.

Your party’s alliance with Muslim extremist organisations got stronger and stronger. Since 2011, the alliance with Muslim extreme organisations lead by Lebanese Moslem Association, had publicly directed Muslim voters to vote exclusively to your party. In return, this alliance of Muslim extreme organisations has secured public funding of millions of dollars annually.

If you really think that the late Malcolm Fraser made the mistake of allowing Muslim Lebanese to migrate to Australia, then you need to start correcting this mistake by ending the strong alliance between your party and these extreme organisations.

You also need to reassess the way public funding is managed by stopping the funding going to extreme organisations and being used to brainwash and recruit more extremists.

Actions are louder than any talks. Political parties need to start putting the money where their mouths are.

I have no doubt that you will not take any action to correct your party’s grave mistake of contributing to the spread of extremism in this country.

Your latest comments show panic and desperation after Trump’s win. You now are faced with newly emerged right-wing small parties like One Nation, Shooters and Fishers, Christian Democrats etc.

For decades your party has exercised double standards on this issue. On one hand you allied yourself with Muslim extreme organisations in order to divide Muslim votes and on the other hand you were actively involved in spreading racism and Islamophobia. You tried to juggle too many balls at once!

The bi-election result in Orange is a clear indication that voters are sick of your Hippocratic policies. Voters are now demanding concrete actions and results, not only rhetoric.

The fact is that your party is still the strongest supporter of Muslim extreme organisations. Until you prove the opposite, conservative voters will continue to migrate to smaller right-wing parties. Again, you need urgent action not rhetoric.

My advice is to isolate extreme Lebanese Muslim forces. Stop the funding! Stop promoting them. Stop consulting them and most of all, stop the Saudi funding.

Maybe after you have taken these actions, conservative voters will regain faith in you. If you have the ambition to win in the next election and beyond, Australians need to regain their faith in you.