Thursday, November 10, 2005

Where to escape?

I was thinking that if things got worse in Australia, racism grew further, martial laws were imposed, violence against us escalated and life became daily suffering, I thought always that I still had safe country to go to.
Jordan was my country of living from the time I was 5 until I migrated to Australia. Jordan was neither democratic nor easy to live in, but was at least safe.
Except for the major massacres against Palestinian refugees in September 1970, Jordan was pretty calm and safe. Even during the cold war era, where almost all neighbouring countries suffered major unrest, military coups and revolutions, acts of violence and civil wars, Jordan was the most stable state there.
It was not until the Bush declaration of "war on terrorism" (which terrorism?) that anyone could imagine that such acts on this large scale could happen in Jordan.
The Jordanian government was highly cooperative with Bush's crusade"war on the world" for the last few years. But this war was notaccompanied by a war on poverty, unemployment and growing corruption.
So we saw the skyrocketing increase of poor people, unemployed and thedecrease of spending on social services. We also saw growing foreigndebts, and privitasation of almost all government-owned properties.
This was accompanied by a crack down on democracy, human rights andfree-speech (which was limited anyway before).
This was accompanied by the Jordanian government's complete silence on Israeli crimes against the Palestinians (we should remember that 60% of Jordanians are from Palestinian background). On the contrary, the Jordan government restored its normal diplomatic relations with Israel, indefiance of the Jordanians overwhelming majority's feeling of disgustfrom Israel's crimes.
This was accompanied by intensifying the policiesof Jordanisation of Jordan by getting rid of all Palestinian high-profile public officials and employees. This policy resulted in dividing Jordanian citizenship into 2: first class Jordanians and second class Palestinian Jordanians (as they call us).
But for the last few years, I saw racism grow strongly in Australia. And now I am sure too those Anti-Terrorism laws amendments will pass, which will result in more restriction to free speech and enforcement of martial laws. I am sure also that violence will increase against us.
But what to do?
The only other country I can live in was bombed today. Latest reports are of perhaps 60 people killed, 200 injured and civil unrest is growing there.
I am left with no other alternative but to resist. John Howard and his parrots (before he had one parrot namely Ruddock, but now has many including Iemma, Bracks, Keelty, Maroony...) know that they left us (since their alleged "war on terrorism" which included invading Iraq) with no alternative but to resist.
This time we are facing one question: to be or not to be.

Plot unfoiled

First I would like to congratulate John Howard for the successful media circus yesterday. The farce was played very well, and the message got through to the Australian people. The talent of Howard in deceiving the masses cannot be denied by anyone in this continent.

After last night’s circus, I remembered straight away the similar circus performed by the same actors (Howard, Ruddock, Costello) before the last election by arresting innocent men (Zac Mallah, Bilal Khazal, Izhar Alhaq…) for similar claims of belonging to terrorist organizations and planning terrorist acts. Until now none of them was charged. On the contrary, many of them were cleared of such charges.

Then I remembered Tampa, the kids overboard farce, Iraqi weapons of mass destruction lies, and before that the lies of illegal migrants and queue jumpers.

I must admit here again that the talents of the Howard-Ruddock twin team of lying and deceiving people should be recognized.

What amazed me is the fact that these lies are very obvious, but the Australians still swallowed them easily!! What a joke? How could they do this!

After yesterday’s circus, some information started to emerge. We know now that the “chemical weapons of mass destruction” are not more than house-holds washing powders. We also know now that many of the “alleged terrorists” are not more than licenced cleaners whose charges are not more than “stockpiling large amount of washing powder”. The other people’s charges are their expressing a wish to die as “martyrs”, a wish that is in mind of almost every committed Muslim.

Well, congratulations to the work of the twin “axes of evil” in our society for their quick acts of persuasion. I am sure after yesterday’s circus that their amendments of Ant-Terror Laws (which were described by every expert in human rights as draconian and a gross abuse of basic human rights) will be passed easily. Also, I am pretty sure that their Industrial Relations vandalism will be passed too under the cover of fear and “foiling major terrorist acts”, after terrorizing both the opposition and the society as whole.

I must congratulate too both Morris Iemma and Steve Bracks, who reached the verdict of “guilty” for all arrested people, in defiance of any natural justice. I should congratulate them as they really bailed Howard out of any tough questioning of his “outrageous inhuman” act of terrorizing the whole community.

I should congratulate the heroes of the “politisied” security agencies for their “patriotic” remarks and statements, which violated all principles of neutrality and “division of powers”. We all remember how these security agencies were politicised after Tampa, kids overboard, Iraqi weapons of mass destruction and the cover-up of the Abu Ghraeb scandal.

Thanks for all these heroes to stop cleaners from doing their jobs, and instead try to clean the mess of this government. Thanks for all these heroes to turn their jobs from protecting members of the community into participating in terrorizing them.

The whole Muslim community will be subject now to high prejudice, discrimination, violence and mass criminalisation after these heroic actions. These effects which will need generations of good work to be repaired.

The government now and their “highly politicised” security agencies should let us know the quantity of washing powder, softener, soap and other house-hold chemicals we are allowed to have at our homes!!!

Maybe we should call for a joint summit of government departments, security agencies and companies producing these “chemicals of mass destruction” to enforce compulsory labeling of “allowed” quantities for each house-hold resident.

Strange democracy we are having at the moment!

Could we call it democracy at all?!!