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How to get The Greens’ attention to Gaza blockade?

Do you want to get the Greens to act promptly and demand the immediate lift of Gaza blockade?

Then we need to convince the Greens that:
1- The majority of Gaza residents are homosexuals and Israel is imposing the blockade because they (Israelis) are homophobes.
2- The drug addicts in Gaza cannot get their needs of drug freely and easily because of the blockade.
3- There is critical shortage of needles needed for drug addicts to have safe shots of drug.
4- There is shortage of prostitutes in Gaza, where Israel and Egypt is not allowing free travel of prostitutes in and out of the strip.
5- There is critical shortage of contraceptives and drugs to induce abortions.
6- The blockade is allowing Israel to hunt whales freely in Gaza waters without permission from Palestinians.
7- The blockade is preventing importing sustainable energy technologies to the strip.
8- Most of Gaza residents are blonde green-eyed English-speaking Anglo-Saxons.
9- Hamas government is in fact part of the Greens movement an…