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The reasons behind Australian absence from Gaza free campaigns:Please donate to send strong contingent to Gaza

It is very strange that Australia is absent from international efforts to lift Gaza blockade for the last 4 years. Despite the many big mouths among politicians who remember just before elections that Gaza is under siege (especially in the Greens party), their representation in international efforts is nearly nil. All this despite the big resources they have in form of tax-payers money they get because of the increasing Muslims and pro-Palestinians voting for them.

On the other hand, the efforts by Muslim community and its “leadership” was not more than collecting some money and send them to other organisations who has presence in Gaza. Even the one Muslim organisation that has office and workers in Gaza, they are very “shy” to participate in international efforts to lift the siege.

In this instance we should differentiate between aid efforts and efforts to break the siege.

The first is not more than shy efforts to temporarily relieve the suffering of some Gazans by colleting aid and …