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Afghanistan war debate in the parliament: the rhetoric vs real commitments

At last, we had parliamentary debate over the Australian participation in war on Afghanistan. Two days of intense debate. Then it was ended with no result, so far. In Arabic we say: The mountain got into labour, but gave birth to a mouse.

We had the opportunity to hear all empty rhetoric of all sides: The Labor and Liberals competing to show support for Americans. The Greens empty rhetoric on necessity to leave Afghanistan after causalities increased. Independents argue that we will not win the war.

Then the show finished. All parties went to their air-conditioned offices happy that they scored political points.

But the Australian participation in the war is still reality. The Afghani people are still under brutal occupation. And Australian soldiers are still killing innocent Afghanis and become sometimes casualties.

Well done Andrew Willkie and the Greens. They could change the atmosphere inside the parliament and get some debate on issues with different “flavour”.

I envy these polit…