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Open Letter to Bob Brown: enough lies and deception, please!

Dear Hon Bob Brown, The Greens leader
This letter is designed to ask you to stop lying and making deceptive claims. We have listened to you for long time, and we believe that the time has come to ask you to stop and to get more serious. Please respect our intelligence.

The latest very public lies and deceptive ideas you tried to sell was that the Greens voters support everything your party says, does or fights for. This is the cheapest lie we have ever heard.

You are clever enough to differentiate between party members, faithful voters and incidental voters. You should know very well that even party members do not share the same ideas or believe in the same philosophy (if your party has any philosophy to follow, anyway).

You have vented the cheapest lie ever when you claimed that the 1.5 million voters who voted for the Greens in the last Federal election support your party’s family-destructive agenda. You suggested that all these voters support your policy to promote prostitution, drug …