Friday, May 30, 2014

Visit to Damascus... soon

I will be in Damascus within the next few days to help distributing humanitarian aid to needy people.

We need your help... Please donate on the following details:
St George Account name: Social Justice Network
BSB no: 112- 879
Account no : 428 608 463

We will update you from Damascus on our efforts... This time we will establish permanent route for humanitarian aid from Australia to Syria through cooperation with European partners...

As we did on earlier occasions, we will publish the names of donors and amount they donated (if they wish)... for transparency reasons.... And we will publish pictures of our efforts from the day we arrive to Damascus....

Thursday, May 29, 2014

This is why US and allies opposed Syrian presidential election

They say that one picture is worth more than a thousand words. And this what the pictures of Syrians voting in Lebanon and Jordan did.

For the last three years, US and its allies were claiming that Syrian president was facing “popular uprising”. The hundreds of media outlets dedicated to fabricate facts to convince the world that “Syrian president is killing his own people” failed to show the scenes of the waves of hundreds of thousands of Syrians chanting for president and flocking the Syrian embassies in Jordan and Lebanon to vote for him. These media outlets which we claimed to be financed and directed mostly by CIA and other Western intelligence agencies proved in the last 2 days to worth no penny of credibility.

The BBC, CNN, AL Jazeera, Sky News, AL Arabia, our ABC, our SBS, the Australian, the Sydney Morning Herald and all other hundreds of internationally recognised major media outlets were exposed seriously and stand today naked in front of its audience and readers.

When the Syrians were demonstrating in the streets of Damascus and Aleppo prior to June 2012, these media outlets claimed that they were enforced to gather in millions in the streets to voice their support for the regime. But who enforced them to gather in hundreds of thousands in Beirut and Amman? Who enforced them to demonstrate in support for the president in the streets of Sydney, Melbourne, Paris and London?

The scenes of Syrians around the world prove one thing: what is happening in Syria for the last three years was no more than a US conspiracy to change unfriendly regime, by force. This time, US and its allies resorted to very dangerous manoeuvres and ventures.

Who can imagine that CIA will arm Al Qaeda terrorists with all kind of sophisticated and deadly weapons, including chemical weapons, in a bid to change this unfriendly regime?

Who could imagine (especially beyond 11 September) that Western media will work very hard to portray Al Qaeda terrorists as “freedom fighters” and “peaceful demonstrators” to deceive us of the true agenda behind the violence in Syria?

The scenes and pictures of Syrians outside their embassies around the world proved what I have claimed several times in my articles and media talks: the Syrian president is very popular among his people and will win any election against any candidate, comfortably.

After my visit to Damascus and meeting with President Assad, I contacted journalists with SBS and ABC and invited them to go to Syria to report on what is really happening there. A good journalist friend of mine was very enthusiastic to do so. She asked me about all kind of logistical details. After 2 days, she came back to me and told me that “SBS management does not want to send journalist and report live from Syria”. The same happened with journalists from ABC and the Australian.

Ironically, SBS and ABC were happy to air fabrications made by AL Jazeera or BBC on Syria for the last three years.

The latest scenes outside Syrian embassies in Beirut and Amman should be reviewed very carefully especially by the so-called “progressive” journalists like Antony Lowenstein. He attacked me for my participation in the visit to Syria and meeting with President Assad. I call on him to watch this video (of course he needs Arabic translator) . Of course with all other videos and pictures available to him.

The so-called progressive political forces, especially the Greens and large section of Socialists, criticised me for writing my article “Open letter to my Socialist friend: This is why I support President Assad!! They did not read the article at all. All what they read was the heading. And, as they were either brainwashed by CIA-financed media or for cheap political gains on populist matter, they declared me “enemy of revolution”. Today, the words of simple people who were enforced to be declared “revolutionists” in a “revolution” that was never happening should see these so-called progressive journalists and politicians bury their heads in deep mud of shame. They in fact supported CIA conspiracy to change unfriendly regime.

No wonder US and allies opposed conducting presidential election in Syria. The early scenes from Amman and Beirut demolished what they have done for the last decade to achieve regime change. The last straw to completely demolish this conspiracy will be the scenes on 3 June in the streets of Damascus, Aleppo, Homs, Hama and other Syrian cities.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

My speech at the rally today on Syrian election

Thanks for inviting me to speak at this rally.

I am attending this rally for simple reasons. I will talk about these reasons shortly.

For the last three years, Western countries and many countries supporting the violence in Syria deafened our ears with all rhetoric about Syrians rights to choose their leadership. They supported all kind of violence, including cutting heads and eating hearts, in the name of “Syrians right to choose their leadership”. Yet when the golden opportunity for the Syrians to express their view on who they want to lead them during this critical time came, these countries opposed the presidential election.

Instead of encouraging Syrians to go to polling boxes to achieve political changes, these countries did all what they could to abort this constitutional entitlement. Not only Western countries and their allies opposed conducting presidential election, but they worked very hard to abort it or at least to disrupt it to claim later that it is invalid.

The intensifying military attacks by terrorist groups, including the attack on Kasab and Daraa were just to achieve this mission of disrupting the election.

The attempt to pass resolution in UN Security Council to refer Syria to International Court of Justice is another attempt to disrupt the elections.

And the new threats by US and its allies to intensify arming the rebels are other attempts.

And one can ask: why these countries want desperately to disrupt this constitutional entitlement.

Not only this. We know now that US and its allies suggested to Russian during Geneva meeting to encourage Syrian government to accept renewing for the president for another 2 years with no election.

It is very clear that US and its allies do not want Syrian government to conduct this election because they know that president Bashar AL Assad will win comfortably, regardless of who run against him. Such win will confirm that the so-called Syrian revolution has no support among Syrians and it was no more than a Western imperialist bid to change unfriendly president and government.

And this is why I am attending this rally. I support Syrians to go and elect their president freely and democratically.

I know that Western regimes will criticise this election and will brand it as “rigged and undemocratic”, even with no evidence to prove these accusations. But the facts cannot be denied.

My visit last December to Syria as part of Australian solidarity delegation gave me clear indication about the clear popularity of current president Bashar AL Assad. Wherever we went in Damascus, people were praising the president and the Syrian army. The popularity is unquestionable.

I said on interview with SBS radio last January that the election will be conducted, it will be transparent and the president Bashar Al Assad will win. And this is what will happen on the 3 of June.

I am not Syrian. I cannot vote. But I am here today to support Syrians to vote freely and choose the candidate they trust to lead the country through these critical times.

It is shameful that many Western countries are refusing to allow Syrians to vote in the embassies of their homeland. This is undemocratic. These actions violate human rights of these people to express their views in free and democratic way. And these actions indeed aim to derail peaceful process to end violence in Syria.

I am here stand in solidarity with all Syrians in their bid to tell the whole world their resolve to work very hard to end violence in their country by all means. One of these means is voting in the presidential election.

Victory to Syria and Syrians.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ecological Fascists (the Greens) to participate in destroying our Medicare and society

The Greens party was described on several occasions by disappointed members and supporters as “ecological fascists” for putting “protecting environment” slogan ahead of “people’s lives and wellbeing”. Of course all of us (including these disappointed members and supporters) do believe that protecting environment is very important task and noble job to strive to achieve. But balance should be made and we should not be locked in the Byzantine argument of “who is first: the chick or the egg”.

Yesterday’s decision by the Greens to support increasing the tax on petrol is clear example of the Greens ecological fascist behaviour.

The Greens support this hike because they believe that this increase will increase the price of driving a car, and so it will enforce people to abandon their private cars and start joining public transport. This is the most stupid and short-sighted assumption any moron can consider.

With the current mess in our public transport, no hike on petrol price will enforce me (as an example of educated Australian with deep commitment to protecting environment) to leave my car outside my home or train station and join a trip of long hours to reach a destination that could be reached in less than half an hour.

Before fixing our public transport and make it both reliable and competitive (economically), no major change of public attitude will be achieved.

But what about the catastrophic impact of this hike on the life-style of Australian battlers, especially during these hard time of financial slowdown?

Such hike will definitely mean increase of our fruits, vegetables and other food delivered to our stores from producers by trucks.

Such hike will also increase the price of electricity and water.

It will also increase the price of clothes, shoes, furniture, electrical and non-electrical appliances delivered to local stores by trucks, planes and ships.

And consequently to all these hikes, the cost of renting or buying home will be increased as workers and business people need to compensate for the hike of all materials and labor.

This hike, which will be increased every year, will make the life of poor and marginalised hell. And there will be no compensation for poor. So this is a tax that will be paid by poor only. The rich will compensate their losses by increasing the price of their products on the customers.

The Greens, who opposes the Debt Levy on rich but support the petrol tax on poor, is the worst enemies (together with the Liberals) of the poor and marginalised.

The Greens want to protect environment by torturing poor people. The responsible for the attack on our environment (the big corporations) will escape by passing the burden on our poor and middle class (if there will be middle class left after this budget).

If the Greens want to enforce poor to leave their cars and use public transport in all their travel, I want to tell them that this will not happen and will not affect the carbon emissions. What will happen is destroying people’s life (especially the poor).

When I was in the Soviet Union, the government started a campaign to curb the citizens’ abuse of alcohol. They introduced big hike to Vodka prices. So one kid came to his father and told him: hey dad, you will drink less now? The father asked: why? The kid said: because the government doubled the price of Vodka. The father replied: ohhh, I guess you will eat less... and in fact, the Russians started to eat less, spend less on all other necessities... and when they could not afford buying Vodka despite all these, they started to abuse home-made alcohols or spirits stolen from hospitals and clinics.

Is this what the Greens want the Australian poor to go through: poverty and neglect to well-being.

Did you notice that the Greens is not talking at all about Abbott government’s attack on Medicare??? Does this mean that Tony Abbott in fact struck a deal with the Greens to re-introduce petrol-excision in return of the Greens approval of dismantling the Medicare???

Abbott’s government budget: ideological goals, not financial slowdown

Tony Abbott and his government try to deceive all of us using argument about government’s debt and financial slowdown to achieve old ideological agendas. The government is hiding the truth about the status of Australian economy as one of the best performing economies (if not the best) amid the current financial slowdown.

All this is just to continue the neo-liberal agenda started by Howard’s government. Let us put everything in its perspective.

John Howard’s government tried to destroy the Medicare in 2003. (Read: How Howard plans to destroy the Medicare system ). He, then, was met with strong opposition, even from within his own MPs. Ironically; Tony Abbott was minister for health in Howard’s government during his attempt to destroy the Medicare. So the attack on Medicare is not related to the economic slowdown. At that time, 2003, the Australian and global economy were flourishing and there was no financial needs to destroy Medicare. All was about reversing the decreasing numbers of Australians taking up private health insurance and declining profit for these insurance companies.

The attack on welfare system is not also related to financial slowdown. It was John Howard who introduced all “reforms” in our welfare system. From “reforming” Disability Support Pension determination and review to introduction of “mutual obligations” principles. Of course do not forget the “Work for the Dole” program and all other “reforms” including demanding mothers to look for work when the youngest kid turns 6 years old.

So nothing to do with global financial slowdown or the increasing government debt. It is all about ideological neo-liberals agendas to Americanise our system by destroying workers rights and privatise public assets.

But the most important question is: How does Tony Abbott guarantee that this catastrophic budget and “reforms” will not end the chances of re-election of his government?

Tony Abbott believes that he can repeat the legacy of his mentor, John Howard, who despite all his attacks on poor and marginalised, succeeded to stay in power for more than 11 years.

But Tony Abbott should be totally mad not to observe the difference between current circumstances and the circumstances during Howard’s rule.

During Howard’s days, the Australian (and global) economy was flourishing. Howard could always convince people that despite these attacks, his government was able to maintain good economy and strong employment. He could deceive all of us that he is genius when it comes to economy management. When in fact, his management of the economy was disastrous and most of Australians missed out on the benefits of golden era of economical growth. He was just lucky to come to power with mining boom and global economical strong growth.

This is not the case with Abbott’s government. No doubt that global economy is suffering for the last few years serious slowdown. This has negative impact on Australian economy. These negative impacts being felt in all sectors and at all levels in Australia.

So when Howard could divert Australians attention from his vandalism of our socio-economical system by claiming that he is brilliant in managing the economy, how would Abbott divert the marginalised attention?

In times of financial hardship, especially on poor and marginalised, how Abbott’s government can win any heart by introducing more burdens on them and find them no economical solutions for their needs?

In a time when large numbers of Australians cannot find shelter on the top of their heads, how would they react to government that wants them to pay for local GP’s visit or to public hospital?

In a time when 10,000 Australians lose their jobs monthly, how would this government expect Australians to accept hike of petrol prices that will skyrocket the cost of living?

Tony Abbott should be either totally mad. Or maybe he is so genius that he could see beyond all of us.

Friday, May 02, 2014

رسالة مفتوحة الى سياسيينا وصحفيينا: متى تستفيقون على الكارثة التي شاركتم بها في سوريا

منذ اليوم الاول لانطلاق الكارثة الانسانية والتي انطلقت تحت مسمى الثورة السورية, حذرت بكل ثقة عن الكارثة التي ستتمخض عنها هذه الظاهرة وعلى كل شعوب العالم. هذه الكارثة الانسانية التي اصبحت الشغل الشاغل لكل شعوب العالم بعد اكثر من ثلاث سنين لانطلاقتها اللامباركة.

قناعاتي ومنذ البداية عن هذه الكارثة كانت مبنية على شواهد وظواهر لا يمكن ان تخفى عن متابع او محلل يتسم بالقليل من الذكاء والحنكة.

فكيف يمكن للولايات المتحدة, وهي عدوة تطلعات كل شعوب العالم للحرية والتقدم, ان تكون الراعية الرسمية لهذه الظاهرة/الكارثة؟ وكيف يمكن لانظمة ظلامية تنعدم فيها ادنى مقومات الحرية والعدالة الاجتماعية لمستوى رجم امراة لانها ضبطت تقود سيارة, ان تكون راس الحربة في دعم وادامة حراك يطالب بسقف عال من الحرية والعدالة الاجتماعية؟
وكيف يمكن لعدوة البشرية الاولى اسرائيل ان تكون المعالج لجرحى هذه "الثورة"/الكارثة والمدرب لكثير من "ثوارها"؟

في البداية, وبعد انحياز كل سياسيينا في استراليا (ومن ضمنهم سياسيون يدعون بالتقدمية كالنواب الخضر اوسياسيون حمر) وكل وسائل اعلامنا لهذه الظاهرة/الكارثة على جبين الانسانية, حاولنا ان نجد لهم بعض الاعذار بان الضجيج الاعلامي المواكب لهذه الظاهرة قد صنع هالة حولها اعمت اعين هؤلاء. وبالرغم من تحذيراتنا واتصالاتنا المكثفة بهؤلاء ووضع كل ما نملك عن اكاذيب هذه "الثورة" و "ثوارها" بايديهم, الا انهم اصروا على عماهم.

بل ان نواب الخضر (والذين يدعون معارضتهم للعنف في كل المجالات) كانوا الاشد في مطالبة العالم اجمع بمعاقبة الحكومة السورية ورئيسها الى حد المطالبة بطرد السفراء وفرض حصار ومنطقة حظر طيران وتكرار السيناريو الليبي المدمر. كما ذهب الكثيرون من ناشطي ومنظري اليسارية الاشتراكية الى نفس الاتجاه في دعم "الثورة"/الكارثة بناء على التسمية فقط. فتروتسكي كان يدعو الى ثورة مستمرة متواصلة, وعلى الاشتراكيين ان يدعموا اي ثورة في العالم, ولو كانت ثورة ظلامية تطالب مسيحيي سوريا بدخول الاسلام او دفع الجزية او الصلب علنا.

كنا نحاول ان نجد الاعذار لهؤلاء في بداية الازمة معتقدين ان مواقفهم المخزية كانت نتيجة لغياب الحقيقة بين دهاليز الجزيرة و والسي ان ان والعربية والبي بي سي.

ولكن وبعد اكثر من ثلاث اعوام من هذه الكارثة وما تمخض عنها من كم هائل من جرائم يندى لها جبين الانسانية, اصبح محتما علينا ان لا نجد عذرا لهؤلاء. كما اصبح واجبا علينا ان نعلي الصوت ونقول ان من لم تفتح اعينه وهز ضميره هذا الكم الهائل من الجرائم, فانه مشارك فيها ومسؤول مباشرة عنها.

فكم سوري يجب ان يقطع راسه او يفتح جسده ليلتهم وحش تكفيري قلبه وكبده قبل ان يستفيق سياسيونا, وعلى راسهم الخضر والحمر؟

وكم سورية يجب ان تخطف وتغتصب وينقل ابناؤها الى غوطة دمشق ليقتلوا بالغازات, قبل ان نرى تقارير محترمة ومحايدة من وسائل اعلامنا, وخصوصا الممولة من دافعي الضرائب, عن حقيقة ما يحصل في سوريا؟

وكم تقرير موثق من مراكز ابحاث محايدة او شبه محايدة او من صحفيين محترمين عن ان "ثوار الناتو" التكفيريين في سوريا هم من استخدم الغازات السامة, يكفي ليكف سياسيونا واعلاميونا عن ترديد اكاذيب الارهابيين كالببغاوات عن جرائم النظام الكيماوية؟

وكم مصنع سوري يجب ان يسرق ويهرب الى دول الجوار, ليقتنع سياسيونا الخضر والحمر ان ما يحصل في سوريا لا هو ثورة ولا حراك وطني, وانما كارثة انسانية ارتكبها مجرمون وقطاع طرق وارهابيون متطرفون؟

وكم مسيحي سوري يجب ان يصلب او يقطع راسه لانه رفض دخول الاسلام ولا يجد اواق ذهب كافية ليدفع جزية لارهابيي حلب والرقة ودير الزور؟

وكم اعلامي يحمل كاميرا محاولا توثيق ما يحدث يجب ان يقتل قبل ان يقتنع اعلاميونا (الذين يصنعون اخبار سوريا من استوديوهاتهم المكيفة الفارهة في سيدني وملبورن) ان ما يصلهم من اخبار عن طريق "شهود العيان" الذين تمولهم السعودية وقطر هو فبركات اعلامية لا تمت لحقيقة ما يحصل في سوريا بصلة؟

وكم استرالي يجب ان يتحمل احراق منزله او متجره او حرية معتقده, قبل ان يعترف سياسيونا واعلاميونا ان الكارثة التي ايدوها وشجعوها في سوريا, وصلت نيرانها الى عقر دارهم وتؤثر على الالاف من مواطنيهم؟

والسؤال الاخير: ما هو حجم الكارثة التي يجب ان تضرب سوريا واستراليا والعالم قبل ان يصحو ضمير هؤلاء السياسيين والاعلاميين ويبداوا بتغيير مواقفهم وتصرفاتهم؟

نحن نعرف ان كثيرا من سياسيينا ينتظرون الاشارات لهكذا تغيير وصحوة ضمير من واشنطن وكوريدورات السي اي ايه. ولكن ماذا بشان اؤلئك الذين "خزقوا طبلة اذاننا" عن تقدميتهم ورفضهم لهيمنة الامبريالية على السياسة الاسترالية والعالمية والذين ما زالوا غارقين حتى طبلة اذانهم بالمؤامرة على سوريا والعالم خدمة لمخططات هذه الامبريالية.

بل ان ما يزيد الطين بلة ان هؤلاء المدعين بالتقدمية والثورية من خضر وحمر تهجموا وتهكموا على تحذيراتنا ومقالاتنا والحقائق التي سربناها للصحافة والاجهزة الامنية عن حقيقة هذه "الثورة"/الكارثة وممارسة "ثوارها" الاجرامية في سوريا وفي استراليا ونعتونا بكل الصفات. بل ان الهجوم على مشاركتي في الوفد الذي زار دمشق نهاية العام لاثبات الحقائق واستطلاع الجديد, قوبل بهجوم حاد ممن يدعي الحرص على الحقيقة تحت ستارة التشدق بالتقدمية من سياسيين واعلاميين خضر وحمر ومؤيديهم.

نرجو ان يستفيق هؤلاء من غيبوبة ضميرهم وانسانيتهم قبل ان يضرب الارهاب في احيائهم ومناطقهم الانتخابية.

نرجو ان لا نكون في قوم كما قال الشاعر فيهم:
لقد أسمعت لو ناديت حيا ولكن لا حياة لمن تنادي
ونارا لو نفخت بها أضاءت ولكن أنت تنفخ في رماد