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Wikileaks party: political party or family convinient store!!!

Last Saturday was not ordinary one. I received a phone call just after midnight of Friday which stunned me to total shock.

On the other line was John Shipton, the father of Julian Assange and CEO of Wikileaks party. What he said was extraordinary and shocking. It was also arrogant and disrespectful.

This is what he said “Julian decided that the party is affecting the level of media he receives. So he decided to end up the party. This is the plan. I and (,,,,) will resign immediately. Julian replaced us with his people from Wikileaks organisation in London. Then and after your return from Syria, you resign, and Julian appoints one of his people in Wikileaks organisation to replace you. Then the party will die: no candidates, no activities and no media and the media will be focusing on him solely again”.

How would I respond? The more important question is: how could I have replied?

I was shocked. I did not imagine that I could hear something like this ever, especially in democratic so…